How to Restore Your Inner Balance & Re-Fall Outrageously in Love with Your Life!

How are you doing? How’s your energy?

Lately I’ve seen so many people commenting about how crummy they feel! Here’s what they say:

  • “I can’t seem to focus!”
  • “I’m depressed.”
  • ”Feels like trying to walk through molasses!”
  • “I get distracted so easily and I’m so behind!”
  • “I’m dizzy – is there something wrong with me?”

I’ve seen people claim that the earth’s Schumann resonance is rising from its normal 7.8 cycles per second; I’ve also seen people blame it on sun flares and other cosmic events; and people say it’s because of political, economic and environmental crises.

The important thing is: how do you respond to such effects?

  • Do you withdraw from life and wallow in feeling helpless and hopeless and powerless?
  • Do you cuss, moan and complain?
  • Do you sit quietly and feel the feelings, and allow yourself to shift along with the current energy?
  • Do you transform emotional upsets into energetic gold?
  • Do you even know how?

How we respond to any situation or event is
how we create our life experiences.

Each situation is an opportunity to ask, how can I make this cooler, or add more love here, or help that person feel better, or make the earth more healthy….


I’ve been really feeling the erratic shifts, too, especially politically. I finally said, “Enough!” and started adding time to my morning meditations.

I decided that feeling calm no matter what the world brings to me each day is more important than anything else I could do.

If I can feel calm, and have a creative day, I feel like I’ve had a win.

What kind of uplifting things do you do?


How about getting your inner balance back?!?

And what would it be like to fall completely, outrageously, head-over-heels-ly in love with your life again – or for the first time, even? Let’s do it!

I invite you to listen and tap along with the
Restore Your Inner Balance and
Re-Fall Outrageously in Love with Your Life 

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You have a grand opportunity to transform your fear, heaviness, dizziness and upset into inspiration, light, fun, creativity and joy!

I reveal my latest amazing way of getting to the bottom of the upsets and troubles, allowing you to get free and have fun again.

My intention is to have you walk away from our time together listening and tapping together feeling better than you have in weeks!

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You know I love you!
much aloha –


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