Tap along with Angela

This is a video I recorded for the No More I-Hate-Marketing Course. Please refrain from sharing it – if someone taps along without understanding what you now know from being in the course or reading the book, they will miss out. Instead, refer them to the course or the book. Thanks so much!

In it, I tap for items like these:
• I hate marketing
• I feel like a fraud
• I feel sleazy
• If I go on TV I’ll forget lose my place
• I might forget my website…
• I hate selling
• I don’t want to be pushy
…and other unpleasant beliefs and thoughts.

Before you tap along with me:
• Look at your Discovery Map.
• Find the upset that causes you most pain right now.
• Write it down on your Clarity Map in the left-hand Challenges column.
• Rate the intensity of your upset.
• Now, look at the upset – what would you prefer to feel instead?
• Write that answer in the right-hand column, across from the upset
• If any beliefs come up saying ‘you can’t have that,’ note them on the Discovery Map for tapping on later.

As you tap along with me:
• You will get relief from your own fears and destructive beliefs.
• You will see how to dig for what’s really holding you back.
• You will see how to create something far better for yourself once the fears are gone.

After you tap:
• Look at your Clarity Map.
• Check the rating you started with
• What is it now? Make a note of it.
• If it is not a 0, 1, or 2, tap more until you get relief.

REMEMBER to check your ratings after you tap, and write them down! This way, you will know you’re making progress!


The first video helps you find the fears to tap on, the second helps you find the causes of the fears. The first video is 14 minutes, the second is 12 minutes long.

Please set aside about an hour so you can be in a quiet spot where you feel safe, and can tap out loud! If you feel uncomfortable that someone might hear you, or you want to be silent, just repeat the phrases mentally.

Have some water available, and a box of tissues, and materials to take notes with.

BORROWING BENEFITS: When you tap on the words I use, even if they are not necessarily the ones you have written down, you still will get results! You Borrow Benefits – meaning the energy gets resolved just as your body and emotional system needs!

You’ll see why I almost never have clients coming back for the same issues – they are resolved by the end of one session – three maximum!

By the end of the video, it is my intention and sincere hope that some of your own fears and doubts be transformed, too. Enjoy –

aloha –