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Good Morning Angela – I want you to know that I listened in to you tonight instead of Debbie Ford’s call…I really appreciated your teleclass (on Wealth Mavericks). The tapping exercise was excellent – your method really hit home.

Let me express how much I appreciate and value you and your friendship. And I really mean this from my heart – because I know that is where you are operating from. You constantly take the the time and energy to reach out and touch your clients.

Yes it’s business, but you’ve made it oh so personal – it’s just lovely. And they keep coming back, and sending referrals, no? That takes lots of time and energy but has huge rewards, too.

Yes, I like being on your calls and hearing the great ideas and shifts that people are experiencing. I also like hearing other people I know from the calls … oh, somebody I know….!

Jay D., Houston, TX

Dear Angela

Thank you for yesterday’s evening class, during which a lot of stress burden evaporated from my chest. AND helping me end a babyish relationship with my 90 years young mother.

Some time later my mother called and WOW – I heard us discuss and talk peacefully and quietly for about an hour and a half. She agreed to follow the path I drew and lined to details, i.e. on Thursday we will go together to her GP.
No stress.
No shouting.
No insulting nor offensive comments.

Yes cleansing tears poured down my cheeks when I told her it’s high time I and my brothers take care of her since she took care of us so well. Thank you Angela a precious angel on earth for helping me realizing and making it happen.

Bliss to Health
Zvia F., Israel

Dear Angela,

I want to thank you for your wonderfully invaluable teleclass last night. You truly have this great gift to connect with humanity and manifest a solution with the wonderment of cosmic humor.

I think that the borrowing benefits does more than just borrow benefits, I find that it goes even deeper than when tapping directly on an issue, I feel that it addresses the problem at a core level and does so from an indirect and sub conscience level, and therefore the fears and barriers I put up are disarmed by a feeling of safety and security.


Dear Angela,

This is for your readers: Since I am an EFT practitioner myself, I thought I can get to the next level without direct support. Since Angela is a dear friend of mine and a very systematic coach, I was considering asking her to help me get to the higher place, where I didn’t see the staircase to.

I wanted to offer my services further than just to my local community and raise my price to be more competitive with the skills that I have. I felt “stuck” as if I was preventing myself from experiencing who I am.

My decision was to give her a try. Whoa! Not only she could hear and understand me, we had so much fun and she knew exactly how to guide me to that staircase. I found out… it was an Escalator!!!

I got so much out of this work! She delivered results within a week! My clientèle expended further than just our little community, and everyone was happily paying my new fees. Most of all – the benefit of embracing new levels, growing into who I am as a Coach and practitioner of this amazing tool.

I highly recommend that you too, use her if you want the same benefits. She is quick, witty, funny, yet serious and most of all – results oriented.

Angela Believed in me when I was all alone, scared and small. I always wanted to do “something important.” Her coaching and support has meant everything. She saw the greatness in me and didn’t let me play small.

Thanks Angela… You dare me! And I love that!!!

Helena Johnson EFT-Adv,

Hi Angela,

I want to share the profound healing that has come about for me. It all started with your classes on weight loss and that angry little girl that was brought out for me. The one that was telling everyone to leave her to hell alone; that nothing they ever did or said was for her good. I am so grateful. This is a big issue and it helps a lot of things make sense now. I know there still is a lot to do but this will certainly help the process. I am amazed!!! So I can say, Yes, the classes were very useful useful.



It truly has been wonderful to get to know you and spend time with you these past few weeks; you really are a delightful, enjoyable and intelligent woman. You have kept me focused and on track  – now I know what to do next and am anxious to get on with it – it is no longer a “big deal” – it has shrunk to a manageable size that I can handle from here.  Thank you for helping that happen.

Hugs to you – –
Y’vonne C.

Angela –

I just got a pretty clear reminder about just how “next level” I’m becoming… Looking through my accounts, I realized I will break the limit of my total turnover for all last year during July! Two months ago, I had never done a teleclass, and would not have thought myself capable of doing it!

Two things changed this: the coaching with you, and the WONDERFUL step-by-step Teleclass you provided us with!

Putting the call together, I also got great ideas about a personal niche, and I was able  to lay things out in a clear and more concise way, which helps me when I talk about my services. You and your great info and support really put me into gear.

Maria A., France

I am enjoying your program, it gives me the can-do oomph! My son is visiting with me and I told him I have to finish my lessons before going out with him…he insisted on listening in, and really enjoyed it and was even taking notes. He loved your style of presentation and had exactly the same impression that I had.

Thank you.

Thank you, Angela. This has to be one of the BEST email messages that I have read from anyone in a long time (and I get some excellent ones from Brad Yates, from Joe Vitale, and from many others in the EFT world)!

Kirk M.

It’s soon 4 o’clock in the morning… I had a private session with Angela tonight about setting up some new coaching programs, and make some CA$H! It was JAM PACKED with info, of course, and I had to move on it right away! For starters, I set up a teleclass which will provide real content, but also be a preview call for the new VIP programs I will be offering soon, wohooo!!

Thank you so much Angela, for this HUGE value! Looking forward to our next meeting…

Sleepy hugs, : ) Mimi

I  want you to know I am one of your biggest fans. You inspire me. You make me laugh and cry. And you make me want to be successful and to believe it’s possible. Thank you for your newsletter and your wonderful teleclasses. Thank you for being YOU!

Your friend in New York City,
Sandra Winter

What I got from our call tonight was firstly, for myself, recognising a feeling of empowerment that has been missing for a good while. Also the reinforcement that I can take energy I do not like, clean it up, then take it back to myself as creative energy.

You are such a model for me in many ways (I’m seeing you model the attraction of that same wealth I want for myself!) – and one of the things I so value is your holding me to account for being my very best.

I know there is a way for me. One of the reasons I spend such a huge hunk of my “disposable” income on coaching with you is to get help in finding that way! Just had to tell you that I love our calls!!! I’m a –buzzin.!!! Thank you as always for making yourself and your skills, talents and knowledge (and affection!) available to me in your unique way.

Shelagh J.

Angela,  thank you so much for a particularly compassionate, sensitive, and effective coaching. After a couple of rounds of your unique tapping technique, I found myself in a totally different emotional state, able to move from being overwhelmed to knowing the next step to take, and actually being able to do so! This is after months of feeling stalled, unable to decide what to do next, etc.

The sense of being free to choose, and actually being able, to choose my next actions is almost beyond description! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Light, Love, Laughter,
Claire B.

I just listened to the interview you did with me, and it sounds AWESOME! You did a FABULOUS job! I really appreciate your help and encouragement, and for asking me to do the interview. Thanks again for the interview. It’s great!!!

Elaine Nitz, The Limitless Self Expert,

I love getting your newsletters. There is a warm bright clarity that is flowing from them. Your presence feels good. You are daring good work in the world!

Love to you –
EFT Master, Rue Hass,

I always read your e-mail; never missed.


I’ve listened to so many of your EFTBizSuccess interviews and have really benefited from them. I put them on my mp3 and listen to them at every opportunity, including my vehicle when I travel. Thank you for what you do….

Michele Rogers

I want to let you know that I appreciate everything that you do and what I have purchased from you. I remember I had a problem when you were running that Grab Bag Special – one of the products didn’t download for me for some reason – I sent you an email and you were great about getting back to me right away with the fix.

Anyway, just thought I would let you know how much you are appreciated and trusted by people on your list!

Best regards,
Laura Whitelaw

Please continue to be an example. It’s a good one.

I always love your honesty, your courage, and your insights.

Marianna Michels
Certified Hypnotherapist, EFT Specialist,

Your Fear of Public Speaking session is awesome.


Wow, Angela…I am so grateful that I decided to buy the Wealth Maverick Audios – I would have to make up some sort of superlative adjective to describe the incredibleness (is that even a word?) of these audios  – how’s fantabulistic for starters?

…and moreover being able to acknowledge and totally transform this precious energy potential that I had called ‘bad’ instead of just dissolving it and being glad that it has been released (to God only knows where!)…

…this is the ultimate process of recycling Energy and welcoming it back with open arms…a POWER-FULL process indeed.

Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!! Blessings…

By the way, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your idea of the units of appreciation – it is such a fabulous way of thinking/feeling about money. Thank you for sharing and illuminating that for me. I could totally relate to what you are talking about. You are so right on.

Blessings, Tami


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