No More Kidney Stones: EFT/Tapping & Chi Lal Medical Chi Gung

in March of 2009, I was hospitalized with kidney stones.

They took ’em out. It was NOT fun. A month later at my checkup, my doc said, “You have a dime-size kidney stone in each kidney. Again.”

I asked what I was supposed to do. He, being of conventional medical school thinking, said it was chemical treatment or surgery. Nupe. Not for me, thank you very much!

I told him what I was going to do, instead of his idea, and he looked at me with that “Maybe she should be put away” look most conventional docs get when you even mention energy work.

But ask me if I care what he thought of me! I was bound and determined to get 100% success healing this thing using energy practices.

Because I had seen it done – literally.

At the time, I was doing Chi Lel Medical Chi Gung with a local instructor here on Oahu. She showed us a video of a person lying on a table, with four Chi Lel practitioners directing healing energy at an orange-sized tumor in his liver. They had him hooked up to one of those sound-wave things that show what’s going on inside the body, in real-time.

I watched in awe as, over about a 50-second time-period, the practitioners directed chi into the tumor, imagining it gone, imagining it healed, seeing it only as a whole organ…and the tumor shrank and completely disappeared, right before our eyes.

I went home that night asking myself what I was waiting for. Because I could give up and go get cut open and have the things yanked out, with all the drugs and anesthetics and trauma that involved, or I could at least try to eliminate it using chi and tapping.

I thought, “I’m known for my energy work, right? Well, heck, I need to walk my talk! Let’s have at it!”

So over the next 12 months, I practiced sending chi using Chi Lel methods, plus tapping on it (see below for more info).

I’ll admit to you right here and now that sometimes I didn’t do it – I’d forget, got lazy or disheartened, or I used the excuse that I felt too tired, or simply didn’t feel like it. Each time though, I’d finally catch myself and tap on how I felt, and then continued.

If you’ve ever had a kidney or gall stone, you know that no matter what position you take, there’s no way to get comfortable. It’s like a knife being twisted into your side. Not fun. I’m not particularly fond of pain, so I did my Chi Lel/tapping practice again, faithfully, every day, because it just wasn’t being a 1-minute wonder, like a lot of things you can eliminate or relieve with tapping.

(And yes, even so, I tried using tapping to produce instant stone-go-away – who wouldn’t? But after a few days of that, I really got that it was much more about loving my Self, my body and even my life in general than making kidney stones dissolve.)

At first, after I started being more serious and committed to doing the practice every day, the pain only reduced a little. But at one point, suddenly I noticed it wasn’t even half as bad as it had been. Then it was gone. No more pain. I wondered if I had just numbed out, or if the stones really were gone.

Yesterday, when I went in for my yearly checkup, guess what? The doc did the sound scan thing, and…gone. G-O-N-E. No more kidney stones. Woohoo! Am I a happy camper?

So. If you’ve got a problem, tap.
If you’ve got pain, tap.
If you’ve got relentless negative thinking, tap.
If you’ve got…well, you get it, right?

Adding Chi Lal Chi Gung or T’ai Chi, or any chi-movement practice also helps tremendously. If you have kidney stones or gall stones, I’d say be careful of yoga stretches that put pressure on the organs until you have healed.

I want you to be healthy, happy and wealthy with energy, money and fun. Go for it!

What did I say when I was tapping?

I started out by simply stating how afraid I was. Like this:
I’m scared that…
I’m going to have this pain the rest of my life
more stones will develop even if I get rid of these
I’ll have to undergo the knife again
I will have to endure another hospital stay
I will be drugged up and miserable again
other people have control over my health

I also tapped:
I feel…
so frightened that I’m going to die soon and I’m not nearly ready to cash it in!
so angry that this is happening to me!

This is where it got intense, because this is where things started turning around.
I kept tapping on how angry I felt:

I feel…
so pissed off that this is happening!
yet so tired and listless
so weak and powerless
so helpless
so angry my life might be cut short

I started thinking of all the things I’d want to do if I knew I had only a set amount of time left. I made list after list.

Then I tapped again:
I feel…
like I don’t have enough time left to do everything

By this time, I had gotten through a lot of the victim-feeling stuff, so I started tapping on what I really wanted, instead:

I’m choosing to let go of…
the pain
any need for attention through suffering
feeling sorry for myself
complaining (this was BIG!)
comparing my body to others
blaming anyone or anything
resenting others’ good health
feeling jealous that ‘they can’ and ‘i can’t’
worrying at all about ANYthing

I’m choosing to:
feel strong and alive
feel awake and aware
use every day to do all I can to feel great
use every chance to smile and laugh
use every chance to help other people feel good, too
make more art
write as much as I can
learn the things I’ve been putting off
create simple, easy ways to get my work and words out there

I’m choosing to:
be whole, happy and healthy
have whole, healthy kidneys
be completely free of pain
be strong and fit
feel strong and alive
be really, honestly happy and content
be dynamic, bold and outspoken
be true to myself as much as I can always

After a while…

I couldn’t think of anything I was upset about or anything new or different to tap on, so I simply closed my eyes and visualized the stones liquidizing and flowing out as urine, easily, effortlessly and painlessly.

I saw my kidneys as whole and healthy, in vibrant health, bright red with beautiful, clear blood flowing through them, and no restrictions or blockages. I got an image online of a healthy kidney and used it to help visualize.

I did Chi Lel. There are millions of Chi Lel practitioners throughout the world, so I pictured (and felt!) them all directing their energy, as they practiced, towards my healthy kidneys.

I did the same when I tapped, picturing all the millions of EFTers over the world tapping with me.

Intention trumps all

I think the most important thing of all is to INTEND health, wholeness, and happiness of each and every cell of your body, and to release, completely, any want or need to hang onto the pain.

Who can say what worked? Maybe none of it! Maybe I drank something that dissolved the stones and tapping and Chi Lel had nothing to do with their release! Who can say for sure?

No one can say. But – I invite you to do what it takes to do your own version, using your own words and your own fingers, your own additional tools and techniques.

Now, as much as I can, I catch myself as soon as I can if I sink to lower frequencies – instead, I tap or use other fast thought transforming tools to feel vibrant and happy as much as I can. I have discovered that you ARE what you FEEL.


I want you to know, right here and right now, that I am not a physician, doctor or health practitioner of any kind. I don’t claim to know it all, nor do I claim that anything I’m going to tell you here will be guaranteed to work for you if you try it.

I’m simply sharing what I did. I’ve been working with alternative and energy techniques for over 30 years, and EFT/tapping is one of the most powerful tools I’ve come across to help relieve, eliminate and transform thoughts, habits, pain and beliefs.

If you choose to use anything I have done here, you do so at your own risk and on your own personal responsibility. (Although I have never seen anything even remotely awful happen as a result of tapping, you and I both know I have to say all this, right?)

Of course I wish you the very best success! And – I’m absolutely not responsible for any results you might get, whether ‘bad’ or ‘good’! You’re using your own fingers on your own body, addressing your own issues.

There are way too many variables to be able to guarantee any predictable results. So I invite you to tap and use my words or your own just to see what will happen. Of course I want you to be careful and treat yourself with love and respect, and remain open to the huge possibilities that tapping can provide for you!


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