New Thoughts = New Creations

One of the things I have people do in my coaching and mastermind groups is to have everyone share one or more successes before they get talking about whatever it is they want to discuss or create a shift or a breakthrough about.

I do that because, in our rush-rush culture, it seems that we seldom take the time to really acknowledge and appreciate what it is we’ve done recently about which we feel good, or even terrific.

Life isn’t about  ‘getting’!

When you rush around ‘getting’ things done, ‘getting’ money, sales or whatever, life takes a pretty grey tinge. Seems like everything is about ‘getting.’

Starts to feel empty, and thoughts like “why bother” emerge.

Whereas acknowledging and making precious your accomplishments and achievements helps you sense and then embody that feeling of, “Wow! I did it!’ You feel whole again, like your soul or your Heart’s Deep Place somehow got filled up.

Saying to yourself “Yeah, this is what I did, and I’m really delighted with it,” helps you glow from the inside out.

One of the biggest trip-ups I notice people do: almost within the same breath when people are done saying what they did and are happy about, they flow nonstop right into, “it’s just that __ (something is wrong and I can’t fix it ___ .” They say something about what’s wrong with their lives, and they take the energy of feeling good right back down again!

“Yeah, I got 2 new clients! It’s just that they say they can’t afford my services for a long-term….”

Or, “yeah, I’m stoked I sold a painting, but now I have to ….”

Take time to sit with what’s good!

Let it sink in and feel it, let it expand in your body and aura!

Then, if there seems to be a problem, ask yourself:

  • How can I use this as a means to further inner growth?
  • How can I solve this in a new, interesting and surprising way?
  • How can I make this into an adventure?
  • What new choices could I make that are different from my old patterns of behavior?

Instead if going right into how bad, awful, scary, heavy, frustrating things are, say to yourself, “Something amazing is happening right now, and I can’t wait to see how this turns out!”

Let the lightness into your heart at every turn, and let your acomplishments sit fully within yur heart. Then pick at the co-called problems!

Release that seriousness! Laugh at what seems heavy and difficult.

Defy gravity!


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