It’s Just Energy!

People give their emotions the worst names! Baggage, crap, sh*t, this hateful mess….

Well, if it’s not baggage or any of those other things…what is it?’

It’s just energy! Energy running through our bodies that is so strong and so intense that we fight it, thinking there’s something wrong!

It’s as if we were little drinking straws, and the amount of juice running through equaled that of a fire hose – more energy than what we’re used to.

What if we stopped thinking it was ‘wrong,’ and started expanding to meet the energy, and used it for creativity?

What if, instead of fighting how we feel, we jumped up and used that same energy to propel us into new, exciting ventures?

I’ve seen brilliant artist who, instead of decrying what’s wrong with things, sit there quietly thinking and observing … they get ideas from people’s problems … and then just about explode out of their seat and literally run to implement something new.

Get ideas from problems – don’t sit around being bogged down by them!

Don’t sit around bitching and moaning – use the energy of the problems to improve what you’ve got going!

What ever made us think we could have a no-problems life? It doesn’t work that way. We look at problems as problems, not doorways. We look at the energy as bad, painful, baggage, garbage, and all kinds of other degrading names.

It isn’t! It’s just energy!

If we just clean up the thoughts that create the emotions, we could use the energy to further our creative ideas. That’s what tapping is for!

© Angela Treat Lyon 2011-2021

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