Here’s How to Release the Effects of Trauma from Your Life

Since I became certified in TBT, I’ve been getting requests for help from people who’ve gone through shocking, traumatic and frightening experiences.

They can’t seem to shake the dreams, memories and after-effects caused by the traumatic experience. (TBT: Trauma Buster Technique)

People who have been severely traumatized can end up feeling lost, afraid of going out in public, ashamed, bitter, angry … they can be super-vigilant in public, see things that aren’t necessarily there, have flashbacks and ceaseless nightmares, irrational reactions to touch or sound, or become enraged, dissociated, anti-social and reclusive.

Trauma can be from huge incidents

Experiences range from, “my brother used to tease me that my ears were too big, so I never became the model I always wanted to be,” to huge life-affecting things like, “my brother raped me” to “I killed my best friend with my dad’s rifle by mistake when we were kids.” And other gruesome ones from abuse, molestation, incest, rape, accidents, physical injuries and war.

Trauma isn’t always huge

Trauma in your system can occur in smaller incidents that hit over-sensitive emotional pain points; from accidents and injuries to recurring teasing, tickling, criticizing, taunting and jeering.

Trauma and Holidays

Many times these traumatic experiences happen in family settings around the holidays because of explosive tempers and too much alcohol. My dad used to love the holiday rum punch too much, so I used to shut myself in my room after holiday dinners. Not fun.

Many traumatized people are what I call Holiday Orphans – they live far away from – or feel shunned from – family activities. They feel left out, lonely, sad, hurt, angry, bitter or resentful.

Since this is a high-energy time of year, I’m making some time for people who need some support to get through or recover from these hard days where you’re supposed to be having fun and just … are NOT.

If you are one of those people, please allow me to help you.

I use TBT, the Trauma Buster Technique developed by Trauma expert Rehana Webster. She travels the world helping people in war-torn areas get their lives back after being attacked – both from war and from cultural atrocities like men splashing acid in women’s faces, and hunting women down for so-called ‘honor’ killing.

I love using TBT because it is fast, painless and extraordinarily effective.


If you’d like to be DONE with your traumatic experience – painlessly – please contact me so we can set up a session for you.


My usual fee is $125, but because of Covid, it is only $99.

It’s so gratifying to be able to help people who have had such terrible things done to them get their lives back –

I just can’t tell you how wonderful it is to hang up the phone after hearing, “Oh I feel sooo much better – and I had thought this would never go away. You’ve saved my life!”

Help me help you save yours, too, OK?

You deserve to live a trauma-free life.

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