Low Key, High Results Trainings

This is for you EFT, Energy and Health Coaches, Practitioners and Trainers who have asked me to create marketing programs, teleclasses and audios so you can serve more people and help ease suffering around the world…and get paid for it, as you deserve! More will be added as time goes on.

I call it Low Key, High Results because like you, I don’t like it when people try to push things on me. I had to learn how to sell my services without pushing, and get good results with my clients. Now that I’ve been doing that for quite a while, I can share what I discovered – that really works! – with you.

You will find out how to…

  • finally feel comfortable in any networking situation
  • sell your products and services without pushing them on anyone
  • market without feeling like a fraud or a sleazy used-car salesman
  • stop slaving as you trade dollars for hours
  • create programs your specific clients want and can use to change their lives
  • price your services & products so they are both reasonable and profitable
  • do your very best by the people you serve, make a real difference and still make a good living, so you can do even more good in the world!

The 5 Step Love-Works Discovery Session Client Sign-Up System

This is for you if you if you struggle signing up new coaching clients with your Discovery OR Strategy or Sample Sessions, or getting customers to buy your products.

Every person I’ve taught this to who actually uses it has told me it works like a dream! Good!

You’ll see for yourself how effective the 5 Love-Works Steps are, and exactly how to use them to sign up your new clients and customers successfully and profitably.

You’ll also see why leaving out any one of the 5 steps (like you probably do now) will absolutely dissolve your ability to sign them up.

In this 60-minute audio (with accompanying 3-Part Cheat Sheet, including Client Signup Script), I reveal to you the 5 highly critical elements you absolutely must include when you do a new-client inquiry, a strategy session or discovery session. CLICK HERE

How to Create Just-Right Programs & Packages, Set Your Rates and Feel Confident Discussing Them

The How to Set Your Programs, Packages and Rates Q&A, so you can feel confident and sign your people up without feeling nervous or afraid.

You discover how to set up packages that work to serve exactly what your clients need and want for their potential-fulfilling and next-level of success

You learn how to figure the Right fees and rates that feel ethical to you, and that people will say yes to, because they are reasonable and doable.

And you discover how to help your clients-to-be move on through their seemingly impossible objections, fears and doubts that keep them from signing up and getting huge, life-changing results with you. CLICK HERE



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