CHANGE YOUR MIND! with EFT…the Advanced

CHANGE YOUR MIND! with EFT…the Advanced

Ready for More Advanced Tapping?

  •  Find out how one issue can turn into another in a flash and what to do about it in a flash
  •  Discover what to do when it seems like there’s no resolution and you feel helpless about it
  •  Did you know you can tap for others–including friends, family, children, animals and plants?
  •  Get the inside scoop on the Advanced Tapping Points that can accelerate your results in a big way!

Change Your Mind! with EFT: the Advanced: the comprehensive manual of more advanced concepts, tools and techniques for deeper understanding and faster results.

Easy to understand; you’ll see how to use the advanced solutions for more speed and ease; your get a plethora of case stories to tap along with; fully illustrated, with tapping points not usually shown anywhere else.

Imagine being able to tap for someone far away…and get results! It’s true – I’ve done it, so can you.

You’ll find out how, in Change Your Mind! with EFT: the Advanced.

Tap along with each story and resolve your own issues at the same time!

You’ll be able to get resolution and/or relief about…

  • Abuse issues
  • Brain damage
  • Creating better personal boundaries
  • Chocolate craving!
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Dying-of-cancer fear
  • Exhaustion
  • Feeling old and ugly
  • Guilt
  • Psoriasis
  • Punishment
  • Rash/anger
  • Shame
  • Wanting a mate
  • Weight loss
  • Writer’s block


I used the advanced tapping tools, myself, to recover from not one, but two life-threatening surgeries in 2010. I recovered my health and energy in half the time the doctors thought was ‘normal’ or even possible.

Know anyone who might want that, too? Maybe you? A family member? A dear friend struggling with cancer or a chronic condition? When you find out how to tap for people…even at a distance, it’ll blow your mind. No more feeling powerless to help anyone!

Tapping has helped my clients feel empowered for the first time in their lives…that they had more options and opportunities than they’d ever seen or felt before. Want that, too? It’s literally right at your fingertips!

Isn’t it about time you allowed yourself to actually walk right into that Dream life you’ve wished for for so long?

You really can do that using EFT! (Scroll to the bottom to get Change Your Mind! with EFT: the Advanced in print!)

Change Your Mind! the Advanced

for only $9.95

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Do you like to mark in your books as you learn and process information like I do? Do you like to hold you books in your  lap as you sit comfortably in your favorite reading nook? You can get Change Your Mind with EFT: the Basics in print, too!