Change Your Mind, the Basics & Using EFT for PAIN

I want YOU to get free of disabling pain!

How would you like to be able to:

  •  Relieve and even eliminate intense pain and emotions that swamp you and feel like they eat you alive, with no end in sight…
  •  Increase and enhance your confidence and feelings of safety, security and joy in your life…
    (read more about the Basics here)

You can do that. Easily.

If you’re haunted by anxiety, overtaken by rage or anger; if you have bad dreams, fears, terrible memories, and even pain, you’ll want to know how to easily change all that, so you can finally relax and take joy in your life.

Imagine finally getting free from the anxieties, fears and emotional and physical pain that you haven’t been able to resolve in therapy, with doctors, medications or any other tool or technique!

Imagine having confidence, clarity and strength again!

Imagine just … feeling GOOD!

Get free. Forget the dry, boring theory-type books out there – Change Your Mind! with EFT: the Basics is easy to understand, with simple illustrations of all the tapping points. Lots of tips and techniques included.

Get Change Your Mind with EFT, the Basics
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BONUS: You also get Using EFT for PAIN.

Imagine that you’re traveling alone, and you fall down and hurt your ankle badly.

It’s swelling fast, turning black and blue, and it hurts like crazy. And you have no one there to help you back to where you are staying.

Would you know how to keep your ankle from swelling up like a balloon, making it so you were unable to walk even a short distance?

Would you know what to do to eliminate the pain?

Discover how I did fall, twisting my ankle badly, and then how I used tapping to reduce my rapidly swelling ankle back to normal again. I was able to walk back to my friend’s house within 20 minutes.

I’d have been crippled for weeks otherwise.

You can use what I reveal in each of these books to help yourself get free of doubts, fears, physical, mental and emotional pain, and much, much more.

Tap along with each story in Change Your Mind with EFT, the Basics, and Using EFT for PAIN, and resolve your own fears, doubts, pains and worries at the same time!

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