Unintended Trauma

At last year’s July 4th celebration, I was standing with some friends when someone lit one of those big long strings of little red firecrackers off right next to us. The guy next to me fell to his knees in … Continue reading

“I Will Protect You Always!” NOT.

“I Will Protect You Always!” Ever say anything like that to your kids? Watch out!  That’s a promise that no one can possible keep – and – read on to  find out how it may even hold you back! “Mary” … Continue reading

No More Kidney Stones: EFT/Tapping & Chi Lal Medical Chi Gung

in March of 2009, I was hospitalized with kidney stones. They took ’em out. It was NOT fun. A month later at my checkup, my doc said, “You have a dime-size kidney stone in each kidney. Again.” I asked what … Continue reading

Here’s How to Release the Effects of Trauma from Your Life

Since I became certified in TBT, I’ve been getting requests for help from people who’ve gone through shocking, traumatic and frightening experiences. They can’t seem to shake the dreams, memories and after-effects caused by the traumatic experience. (TBT: Trauma Buster … Continue reading