How to Restore Your Inner Balance & Re-Fall Outrageously in Love with Your Life!

How are you doing? How’s your energy?

Lately I’ve seen so many people commenting about how crummy they feel! Here’s what they say:

  • “I can’t seem to focus!”
  • “I’m depressed.”
  • ”Feels like trying to walk through molasses!”
  • “I get distracted so easily and I’m so behind!”
  • “I’m dizzy – is there something wrong with me?”

I’ve seen people claim that the earth’s Schumann resonance is rising from its normal 7.8 cycles per second; I’ve also seen people blame it on sun flares and other cosmic events; and people say it’s because of political, economic and environmental crises.

The important thing is: how do you respond to such effects?

  • Do you withdraw from life and wallow in feeling helpless and hopeless and powerless?
  • Do you cuss, moan and complain?
  • Do you sit quietly and feel the feelings, and allow yourself to shift along with the current energy?
  • Do you transform emotional upsets into energetic gold?
  • Do you even know how?

How we respond to any situation or event is
how we create our life experiences.

Each situation is an opportunity to ask, how can I make this cooler, or add more love here, or help that person feel better, or make the earth more healthy….


I’ve been really feeling the erratic shifts, too, especially politically. I finally said, “Enough!” and started adding time to my morning meditations.

I decided that feeling calm no matter what the world brings to me each day is more important than anything else I could do.

If I can feel calm, and have a creative day, I feel like I’ve had a win.

What kind of uplifting things do you do?


How about getting your inner balance back?!?

And what would it be like to fall completely, outrageously, head-over-heels-ly in love with your life again – or for the first time, even? Let’s do it!

I invite you to listen and tap along with the
Restore Your Inner Balance and
Re-Fall Outrageously in Love with Your Life 

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You have a grand opportunity to transform your fear, heaviness, dizziness and upset into inspiration, light, fun, creativity and joy!

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You know I love you!
much aloha –


Unintended Trauma

At last year’s July 4th celebration, I was standing with some friends when someone lit one of those big long strings of little red firecrackers off right next to us. The guy next to me fell to his knees in utter panic, wide-eyed, glistening with sweat and pulled me down, too, as he fell.

It’s times like this that I’m so thankful to know how to help. Within 15 minutes of tapping with me – without his saying a word – he was on his feet, shaken but OK enough to be able to speak and do more tapping until he truly felt good.


I remember my dad doing the same thing on July 4th when we went to the beach to see the fireworks. My mother and I used to dread it because we knew what he’d do.

He’d be OK until the huge, no-lights boomy ones went off, and then he’d hit the ground, crashing onto his belly, taking anyone close enough to be within arm’s reach down with him. Shell shock, they used to call it. PTSD now.


So this year it happened again. I was at a friend’s whose neighbors like to build those doorway-sized archways that have the little red crackers strung in multiple strands from the bottom of one side across the top and down the other. Takes about 25 full minutes of incredibly loud po-po-pop-po-po-po-pop-popopopopopopopopopop-popping to be done with the darn thing.

“Sam” was across the lawn from me, but I saw him crash to his knees, ducking down and covering his ears and crying. I ran over and helped him up and into the house, where we did some quick work on his intense reaction. We had to neutralize not only his reaction, but his rage and shame that others saw him like that.

After only 20 minutes of very simple but very specific tapping, we were able to go outside and watch the very end of the popping. He had no reaction to it at all. I asked him if he could have done that before, and he said he’d have had to wait at least an hour for the initial shock to wear off, and then the shame and anger to subside.


There’s not one bit of shame in reacting like that. On the front lines of war, his body learned to react that quickly to get down and out of sight as a way of survival. It was serving him.

But now that he’s back home, the survival switch hasn’t turned back off, and loud sounds coming unexpectedly, or any number of other triggers, can make his body react to try to protect him. That switch needs to be turned off again! But how? Continue reading

“I Will Protect You Always!” NOT.

“I Will Protect You Always!”

Ever say anything like that to your kids? Watch out!  That’s a promise that no one can possible keep – and – read on to  find out how it may even hold you back!

“Mary” came to me saying, “I wish I could make more money (as a seamstress serving local clientele and dry cleaners, making $15 an hour), but I feel like there’s some kind of hand holding me back.”

After a little investigation, I found out that she had been in a bad car accident with her 15-month old son 22 years ago. Her husband had been killed; she sustained minor injuries; the baby was fine.


Something told me it wasn’t the accident that was the key traumatic event, although it, indeed, had been traumatic. I had a strong feeling that there was something else.

Sure enough, as we talked and tapped, it came out that on the way home from the hospital, she had looked her son in the eye, and – although she knew he wouldn’t get what she was saying – she told him, “don’t worry, I’ll protect you always!”

At the time of her session, she was angry and upset because her son “acted like a spoiled brat,” and was surly and resentful that he still lived at home, although he’d wanted to move out since he was 18.

She’s a talented dress maker, but stayed home ostensibly because she wanted a “strong family unit.” They both felt trapped.

After we released the trauma of the car accident and her husband’s death, we also released the snag of the vow to watch over her son “always.”

She realized having a strong family included letting her son go out into the world to do his own learning and contributing, and for her to do the same with her own talents.

She signed off the call feeling free and excited – and with a list of stage managers she knew personally who she was going to contact to see if she could serve them with costume creation, her first love.

As I write this, they are on a flight together to NYC, where he will study – ironically – acting. He no longer “acts out,” is happy and even excited.


Can you see how one belief, one declaration, one vow can grow out of a traumatic experience and hamper more lives than even your own?

What vow did you take that holds you and/or someone else back?


“What decision did you make in a time of trauma or upset, what belief do I hold, what vow did you take that keeps you living an itty-bitty life…
•  when you and your spectacular voice could be on stage entertaining or helping others?
•  when your art could grace homes, offices, gardens and outdoor plazas and courtyards around the world?
•  when your knowledge of health/fitness/weight-management care could save someone’s life?
•  when your business knowledge could help someone succeed, make money and help others, as well as better support her family?
•  when your communication techniques and skills could help individuals, companies and countries working for peace instead of fighting interminably?


I invite you to finally ELIMINATE the TRAUMA you went through – whatever it was, mild or extreme – and its after effects, limiting decisions, beliefs and habits – from YOUR LIFE!

Make the commitment to your inner health and well-being – email me with your concerns and we’ll set up one or more Trauma-Busting Sessions for you!

Got Fear of Cold Calling? Or ANY Calling?

Maybe you feel freaked out by having to make business phone calls where you don’t know the person very well – or maybe even not at all….

Perhaps you’re afraid you’ll get rejected, or even laughed at! Or maybe they won’t sign up for your services? Or…(____ you fill in the blank ____ ) .

Here’s what someone said recently (thx, NM): “I have a fear of making cold calls. Even if we have exchanged emails and are now at the point of connecting over the phone I have a hard time picking up the phone and calling. I hope nobody laughs at me….”

If you feel squeamish about calling people – for whatever reason – cold-calling, warm-calling, or even hot-calling(!) – and you want to feel happy, excited and confident that you’ll get the intended results you want, you’ll want to join me on this 60-minute audio.

Yup, it’s free. AND…get ready to do some inner exploration! This is not any old namby-pamby little freebie where you sit and soak it in! You’ll get real results if you allow yourself to use the critical information I give you, and do the work I lead you through in this powerful call. 

When you listen to this teleclass audio and use the Cheat Sheet and the Draw-the-Line Process I give you, you’ll discover how to turn your calling fears into delightful creative energy you can use to produce the business success results you want…and feel great, too!

I show you the unique, proprietary system I use to get great results – it’s faster and more powerful than just using conventional EFT/tapping!

You get this great Cheat Sheet and a Prep Sheet to print out and use, plus two other shorty ebooks to inspire you and keep you on track!

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Once your zero-dollar interaction goes through, you’re directed immediately to the download page to get the Audio and the Goodies. Plus, just in case, you also get an email with the information to get to the download page.


Hi Angela! Thank you SO MUCH for your Calling teleseminar last night! I already used the technique with one of my clients to help her more effectively manage anxiety! YOU ROCK!  
~ J.H., Coach

I just want to say thank you for recording the call, and the free ebooks. I appreciate all you do. Blessings to you and yours.
~ Gay Hergert , at


Thank you for sharing your time and energy with us. I enjoyed the No More Calling Fears teleconference. It was easy to follow and you stayed on task. I liked…the Curiosity Calling technique. I’m new to EFT. I’ve had several major life changes & I am trying to get back on track. I am taking baby steps & this teleconference was one step in the right direction.

I was afraid people would say no to me if I called them. I liked the material you covered, and your laid-back atmosphere. Now I use EFT & take 3 deep breaths, and it’s better. Thank you!
~ Sheryl L.

I was trained from an early age that phone calls mean bad news. Your teleclass added one more tool to my personal development toolbox. I feel better about calling now – I approach it with curiosity. Thanks –
~ P.R..

What You Focus On Is What You Get!

Yesterday, I suggested to someone to stop focusing on herself and start focusing on her dream, instead.

I say that to a lot of people, actually.

And I say it often. Including to myself.

Because I know from hard experience, both in my own life and from witnessing the healing of others for so many years, that it’s only possible to create your dream if you focus on it, and not your poor, pathetic, sad, grieving, hurt, unperfect, guilty (add your own self-talk here) self.

It’s really true, that old saying:
Where your thoughts go your energy flows.

Focus on sad, you get sad.
Focus on feeling better, feeling better comes.
Focus on creating dreams, dreams get created.

In my own experience of with umpteen years of depression, I got to see myself spiral down and down and down until I really thought there was no way up, ever.

And then I had the surprise good fortune to learn energy practices. Ho! Miracle! I practiced every day. Sometimes all day – what else did I have to do? After so many years in Down, Up seemed impossible, but I was bound and determined to get there, because Down was killing me.

I got to see myself climbing my inner ladder back up and up and up again. Until now I never go back down as far as I did. Ever.

So, how do you climb out without knowing how, or without a friendly supportive hand? There’s the rub. Most of us stumble along without knowing how. OK. Here’s how.

Continue reading

No More Kidney Stones: EFT/Tapping & Chi Lal Medical Chi Gung

in March of 2009, I was hospitalized with kidney stones.

They took ’em out. It was NOT fun. A month later at my checkup, my doc said, “You have a dime-size kidney stone in each kidney. Again.”

I asked what I was supposed to do. He, being of conventional medical school thinking, said it was chemical treatment or surgery. Nupe. Not for me, thank you very much!

I told him what I was going to do, instead of his idea, and he looked at me with that “Maybe she should be put away” look most conventional docs get when you even mention energy work.
Continue reading

New Thoughts = New Creations

One of the things I have people do in my coaching and mastermind groups is to have everyone share one or more successes before they get talking about whatever it is they want to discuss or create a shift or a breakthrough about.

I do that because, in our rush-rush culture, it seems that we seldom take the time to really acknowledge and appreciate what it is we’ve done recently about which we feel good, or even terrific.

Life isn’t about  ‘getting’!

When you rush around ‘getting’ things done, ‘getting’ money, sales or whatever, life takes a pretty grey tinge. Seems like everything is about ‘getting.’

Starts to feel empty, and thoughts like “why bother” emerge.

Whereas acknowledging and making precious your accomplishments and achievements helps you sense and then embody that feeling of, “Wow! I did it!’ You feel whole again, like your soul or your Heart’s Deep Place somehow got filled up.

Saying to yourself “Yeah, this is what I did, and I’m really delighted with it,” helps you glow from the inside out.

One of the biggest trip-ups I notice people do: almost within the same breath when Continue reading

It’s Just Energy!

People give their emotions the worst names! Baggage, crap, sh*t, this hateful mess….

Well, if it’s not baggage or any of those other things…what is it?’

It’s just energy! Energy running through our bodies that is so strong and so intense that we fight it, thinking there’s something wrong!

It’s as if we were little drinking straws, and the amount of juice running through equaled that of a fire hose – more energy than what we’re used to.

What if we stopped thinking it was ‘wrong,’ and started expanding to meet the energy, and used it for creativity?

What if, instead of fighting how we feel, we jumped up and used that same energy to propel us into new, exciting ventures?

I’ve seen brilliant artist who, instead of decrying what’s wrong with things, sit there quietly thinking and observing … they get ideas from people’s problems … and then just about explode out of their seat and literally run to implement something new.

Get ideas from problems – don’t sit around being bogged down by them!

Don’t sit around bitching and moaning – use the energy of the problems to improve what you’ve got going!

What ever made us think we could have a no-problems life? It doesn’t work that way. We look at problems as problems, not doorways. We look at the energy as bad, painful, baggage, garbage, and all kinds of other degrading names.

It isn’t! It’s just energy!

If we just clean up the thoughts that create the emotions, we could use the energy to further our creative ideas. That’s what tapping is for!

© Angela Treat Lyon 2011-2021

The Tapping Solution: Documentary

The Tapping Solution (formerly Try It On Everything) is a Documentary Film that explores the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), a new discovery that combines ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology with startling results!

This is probably one of the most important films you could ever watch if you are not yet familiar with EFT. If you are already familiar with the extraordinary results you can get using tapping.

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Bob Proctor, Author and Success Mentor Featured in “The Secret”
Dr. Patricia Carrington, Psychologist and Stress Management Expert
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Dr. Norm Shealy, Pain Specialist and Holistic Physician
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Helena Johnson, Founder of Liv Delicious
Steven Munn, Founder and director of Clear Point Center
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