How I Beat My Suicidal Thoughts

I had suicidal thoughts for 35 years

Those thoughts were based on some terribly mistaken beliefs. At the time that EFT was introduced to me in 2001, I was at wit’s end, and way too close to going through with the thoughts.

When I saw what EFT was – a way to use my emotions, thoughts and energy to resolve and heal those mistaken beliefs and habits – I knew it was the key I had been so desperately searching for for years.

What I did

I used tapping on myself every single day, all day, for 6 weeks. I tapped on all the ideas, thoughts, beliefs and habits I could think of that were destructive or not supportive. (I had the time to do it since I had no job. If someone is at work, they can still tap in between duties, and at home at night.)

What happened

One morning I awoke with this weird feeling – like not only was something missing, but another feeling I couldn’t identify. It took me an hour to realize – I felt happy.

It was the first time I felt genuinely happy in decades.

What was missing? The enormous load of complaints and worries that had plagued me for so long. Just – gone.

If it hadn’t been for tapping, I would have gone through with the suicidal thoughts and done the dirty deed.

If I were a beginner

I’d go to EFTinEveryHome, and go through the free demo, and then get the book on EFT (that is there on that site), and learn how to use tapping.

I’d tap on myself all day every day so I could resolve every last negative thought, limiting belief and destructive habit I could think of.

If I had questions, I’d refer to the book, Change Your Mind with EFT because it has all the answers to a newbie’s questions.

I’d hook up with an EFT practitioner who could lead me through my blind spots. I’d go to seminars, workshops and demos if I could afford it. I’d attend weekly tapping groups like the one I run (here).

If I couldn’t afford any of those things, I’d get the book. I’d get it on Amazon in print and wear it out by using it so much.

And I’d have a completely new life in very short order.

That’s what I did.

Within a year

I was so delighted with my own life that I decided to become an EFT practitioner, because I could see how I could help others so easily with the seemingly insurmountable problems they had because of their own destructive thoughts, beliefs and habits.

Then, people started asking me to teach them, so I became a trainer. Now I am a workshop leader. I hold weekly tapping groups for Next Step Tapping (details here).

Instead of feeling like poor-poor-pitiful-me, crying myself to sleep every night and constantly worrying and complaining, I feel happy and pleased with my life. I have helped thousands of people, and the soul-satisfaction is beyond anything else I could ever imagine.

If you are new to tapping, go for it with gusto.

I implore you to not only resolve your bad habits and limiting thoughts and beliefs, but please – make the time to dream up an outrageously exciting, happy and fun life for yourself.

Tap on your doubts and fears, and as you start living your new life, you will regain the strength, power and confidence you have longed for for so long.

Go – do it! NOW.