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(Are we tapping as we rebuild? You bet! Anger, resentment, frustration…all has to be neutralized! Tapping does it for us – will you allow it to do the job for you?)

TEMPORARY HELP: has a demo tap-along you can use, and links to the various EFT books available.

EFT/tapping is one of the most critical keys to being able to change any part of your life, and create your personal life, your health and your business the way you want to have them.

So you are most welcome here! I wish you the very best tapping success ever, and from today on, a more magnificent life. I have coached and helped thousands of people, and can truly say that you couldn’t find a better tool with which to get the results you want than EFT.


In 2002, I had come to my wits’ end after 35 years of daily, sneaky, debilitating back-of-mind suicidal thoughts. I was just about ready to do the dirty deed.

But everything completely changed when, one day as I was teaching my Creative Writing Class, one of my students came in after having been gone for 6 weeks.

She had been so miserable and crying and unhappy before – now she looked so good that I had to ask her what she had done to change herself. She was glowingly happier than before! She just said, “EFT. I found it online.”

After the class, I rushed home and looked it up online, learned how to use it, and my life has never been the same – thank goodness!

In a very short six weeks’ time, I eliminated every shred of suicidal thinking – which is still gone today, many years later.

I can’t even begin to express how miraculous it’s been to be without that undercurrent of nasty, destructive thinking constantly running in the background of my mind.

What would you change in your own life if you could?

Well, now you can. When you learn how to use the incredibly simple, easy, fast EFT, you have direct access to The Key that will unlock all the good things that have been waiting all your life to flow to you.


START HERE: I suggest you Start with Change Your Mind with EFT, the Basics.

You’ll start upon the most amazing, most rewarding and most fulfilling journey you can ever imagine – the reclamation of you, your inner power, your passion and your potential as a spiritual being in this physical form in which you walk around.

ADVANCED: Once you get the Basics down, and have had good success using tapping, now get Change Your Mind with EFT, the Advanced. (coming back soon)

You’ll get some advanced tapping points – some of which most EFT Practitioners don’t even know – and more case stories, so you can see how the points and tapping are used. I give you detailed instructions about taking your tapping deeper, faster and more powerfully than you can imagine now.

I invite you and urge you to at least get the Basics Manual, and start tapping with me right now, because very shortly you’ll be able to look back at your life, and say, “Wow! I was hurting so bad, and now look at me! I’m living the Dream of who I really am!”

STUCK? If you’re stuck and feel like you need another pair of ears and eyes and a little guidance, contact me! I’m happy to work with you one-on-one. Ask about my easy Pick-Me-Up Program that helps you get off the ground, back on track, and when you’re ready, going full speed.

BADLY STUCK? If you need help getting relief from or completely eliminating past trauma, shock or loss, contact me. Imagine life without those bad dreams, flashbacks and blackouts, or the rage, fear and worry – I’ll help you get there.

My best to you – I wish you unlimited peace, love, outrageous success and vitality beyond measure on your journey through your life. You’ve chosen a great tool to assist you for the whole rest of the time you walk this earth.

aloha –
Angela Treat Lyon