Got Fear of Cold Calling? Or ANY Calling?

Maybe you feel freaked out by having to make business phone calls where you don’t know the person very well – or maybe even not at all…. Perhaps you’re afraid you’ll get rejected, or even laughed at! Or maybe they … Continue reading

MSG, the Silent Poison

When I lived in New Mexico many years ago, I got a series of weekly massages from a women who had just moved to the area. She was really good. As I got to know her better, I started noticing … Continue reading

What You Focus On Is What You Get!

Yesterday, I suggested to someone to stop focusing on herself and start focusing on her dream, instead. I say that to a lot of people, actually. And I say it often. Including to myself. Because I know from hard experience, … Continue reading

No More Kidney Stones: EFT/Tapping & Chi Lal Medical Chi Gung

Two years ago, I was hospitalized with kidney stones. They took ’em out. It was NOT fun. A month later at my checkup, my doc said, “You have a dime-size kidney stone in each kidney. Again.” I asked what I … Continue reading

The Tapping Solution: Documentary

The Tapping Solution (formerly Try It On Everything) is a Documentary Film that explores the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), a new discovery that combines ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology with startling results! This is probably one of the most … Continue reading


Do you feel stuck? And so far you haven’t been able to figure out how to get yourself free? Feeling stuck sucks! It hurts! The work you do is important, and the longer you stay stuck, the less of it … Continue reading

Hot Chile-Pepper-Corn Potatoes! 2 FREE Holiday Recipe Gifts for You!

I like to give away freebies over the holidays. So – here’s a free recipe booklet with my exclusive home-discovered recipe for South-West style New Mexican Hot Potatoes! I created it after many trials and errors in my long stay … Continue reading