The Tapping Solution: Documentary

The Tapping Solution (formerly Try It On Everything) is a Documentary Film that explores the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), a new discovery that combines ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology with startling results! This is probably one of the most … Continue reading


Do you feel stuck? And so far you haven’t been able to figure out how to get yourself free? Feeling stuck sucks! It hurts! The work you do is important, and the longer you stay stuck, the less of it … Continue reading

Hot Chile-Pepper-Corn Potatoes! 2 FREE Holiday Recipe Gifts for You!

I like to give away freebies over the holidays. So – here’s a free recipe booklet with my exclusive home-discovered recipe for South-West style New Mexican Hot Potatoes! I created it after many trials and errors in my long stay … Continue reading

How to Find or Reclaim and Start Living Your Lost Dream

Why is reclaiming your Dream so important? This is what Hannah, a 50-year old life coach, wrote before we started working together: “Angela, I get up, do my day, go to bed, and get up again and do it again … Continue reading