For Coaches: No Pushing, Persuading or Convincing!

Cross Out Coercion and Convincing! I got a nice note from someone who said, “Angela, when I say “I can’t afford it,” I mean exactly that. I may or may not be interested in the future (probably would be, because … Continue reading

For Coaches: “I Just Wanted to Know How to Do the Money Conversation….”

One of the people who asked me to have a class on the asking for the fee-part of the client signup process wrote me and said, “I didn’t want to know how to create packages. All I wanted was to … Continue reading

For Energy, Health & Biz Coaches: How to Set Your Packages & Fees so You Don’t Flub Your Client Discovery Sessions

EFT PRACTITIONERS & TRAINERS, HEALTH & ENERGY COACHES….YOU ASKED FOR IT! Last week on The 5 Step Love Works Discovery Session Client Sign-Up System Q & A call, you asked me to help you with the money part of signing … Continue reading

Can You Really Tap to Eliminate Feelings of Abandonment & Physical Pain?

Yes! You can! What’s more, here’s a FREE look-see into a private session with a guy who demonstrated tapping with me so you can see how we did it. Yes, of course I have his permission to share it with … Continue reading


Do you feel stuck? And so far you haven’t been able to figure out how to get yourself free? Feeling stuck sucks! It hurts! The work you do is important, and the longer you stay stuck, the less of it … Continue reading

Coaches: Are You Afraid of Raising Your Fees?

ARE YOU CHARGING ENOUGH to make sure your business is secure and functional? Can you relax and feel good about yourself, your money and your business when you stop work at night? Or do you go home or step out … Continue reading

GOT FEAR of COLD CALLING? Or ANY Calling? Let’s Resolve that Now!

Maybe you feel freaked out by having to make business phone calls where you don’t know the person very well – or maybe even not at all…. Perhaps you’re afraid you’ll get rejected, or even laughed at! Or maybe they … Continue reading