How to Let Go of Fear of Death and Dying

DARING DREAMERS RADIO: Roberta Grimes: Messages from the Afterlife I used to cry myself to sleep when I was in my late teens and 20s. I thought dying was The End, that I would be annihilated upon the death of … Continue reading

Want to Raise Your Money Set-Point?

How would you like to get together with me for a Raise Your Money Set Point Teleclass? You’ll get to tap on what’s holding you back from making more money, getting paid what you’re worth, charging enough, and opening up … Continue reading

Why Do I Ask You to Email Me?

I want to hear from you! I want to hear about what you want, what you need, and how you think I might be able to help you! Listen, I’m not like those Big Internet Marketing Guys out there who … Continue reading

How the Pleiadean Protocol Helped Me Eliminate Extreme Distress

Have you ever had a long spell of feeling really great, and then, completely out of the blue, one day you wake up almost in panic, or extreme distress? That’s what happened to me last week, with a very deeply … Continue reading

4th of July Smack Down!

At last year’s July 4th celebration, I was standing with some friends when someone lit one of those big long strings of little red firecrackers off right next to us. The guy next to me fell to his knees in … Continue reading

New Ebook: YES – How to Get What You Want

I’m very pleased to be able to announce that my latest ebook is out! It’s called YES: How to Get What You Want. In it, you will find delightful illustrations and simple questions and… daily reminders of ways to think … Continue reading

Got Fear of Cold Calling? Or ANY Calling?

Maybe you feel freaked out by having to make business phone calls where you don’t know the person very well – or maybe even not at all…. Perhaps you’re afraid you’ll get rejected, or even laughed at! Or maybe they … Continue reading