Send Shadow Packing!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes, in my life, it feels like there’s a big old black shadow hanging over me and my life, and it’s really hard to remember how to get out from under it. So I thought I’d share with you the 10 steps that I use to send that shadow on its way. Remember to use tapping as you walk through each step!

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ARTISTS: Want to Make and Sell More Art?

As you may know, I am re-journeying into my art world after a 10-year hiatus. It’s taken some pretty massive tapping, because I’m bumping into all the old beliefs and ideas that limited me before.

The HUGE difference being that now I know what to do when I’m assailed by doubt and fear, and I can take immediate action to change my reality.

This is a VERY big deal for me, because I used to cry myself to sleep every single night – for years – feeling helpless, alone, desperate and dead broke.

Recently I was introduced to a woman who is putting together a new gallery in my town. In the past, I’d have said hello and been friendly, but not said a whole heck of a lot about my work.

If you don’t know how to use tapping – or, EFT, the Emotional Freedom Techniques, I invite you to read my Basics EFT book (HERE).

I had this belief that “my work speaks for itself, why should I say anything about it? Anyone who doesn’t get it doesn’t deserve to hear it from me!”

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Got Fear of Cold Calling? Or ANY Calling?

Maybe you feel freaked out by having to make business phone calls where you don’t know the person very well – or maybe even not at all….

Perhaps you’re afraid you’ll get rejected, or even laughed at! Or maybe they won’t sign up for your services? Or…(____ you fill in the blank ____ ) .

Here’s what someone said recently (thx, NM): “I have a fear of making cold calls. Even if we have exchanged emails and are now at the point of connecting over the phone I have a hard time picking up the phone and calling. I hope nobody laughs at me….”

If you feel squeamish about calling people – for whatever reason – cold-calling, warm-calling, or even hot-calling(!) – and you want to feel happy, excited and confident that you’ll get the intended results you want, you’ll want to join me on this 60-minute audio.

Yup, it’s free. AND…get ready to do some inner exploration! This is not any old namby-pamby little freebie where you sit and soak it in! You’ll get real results if you allow yourself to use the critical information I give you, and do the work I lead you through in this powerful call. 

When you listen to this teleclass audio and use the Cheat Sheet and the Draw-the-Line Process I give you, you’ll discover how to turn your calling fears into delightful creative energy you can use to produce the business success results you want…and feel great, too!

I show you the unique, proprietary system I use to get great results – it’s faster and more powerful than just using conventional EFT/tapping!

You get this great Cheat Sheet and a Prep Sheet to print out and use, plus two other shorty ebooks to inspire you and keep you on track!

CLICK RIGHT HERE to get this FREEbie Audio MP3 Recording of the No More Calling Fears Teleclass, plus the Two Cheat Sheets and two Bonus Ebooks!

Once your zero-dollar interaction goes through, you’re directed immediately to the download page to get the Audio and the Goodies. Plus, just in case, you also get an email with the information to get to the download page.


Hi Angela! Thank you SO MUCH for your Calling teleseminar last night! I already used the technique with one of my clients to help her more effectively manage anxiety! YOU ROCK!  
~ J.H., Coach

I just want to say thank you for recording the call, and the free ebooks. I appreciate all you do. Blessings to you and yours.
~ Gay Hergert , at


Thank you for sharing your time and energy with us. I enjoyed the No More Calling Fears teleconference. It was easy to follow and you stayed on task. I liked…the Curiosity Calling technique. I’m new to EFT. I’ve had several major life changes & I am trying to get back on track. I am taking baby steps & this teleconference was one step in the right direction.

I was afraid people would say no to me if I called them. I liked the material you covered, and your laid-back atmosphere. Now I use EFT & take 3 deep breaths, and it’s better. Thank you!
~ Sheryl L.

I was trained from an early age that phone calls mean bad news. Your teleclass added one more tool to my personal development toolbox. I feel better about calling now – I approach it with curiosity. Thanks –
~ P.R..

MSG, the Silent Poison

When I lived in New Mexico many years ago, I got a series of weekly massages from a women who had just moved to the area. She was really good. As I got to know her better, I started noticing how every once in a while she’d kind of space out and mentally “go’ somewhere else, and I’d have to speak to her quite loudly to bring her back to present.

I mentioned it to her out of curiosity, and I’m so glad I did, because she had an amazing – horrifying, really – story.

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From successful lawyer to too ill to work.

She’d been a very successful lawyer, with a practice that was so busy that she started not taking care of herself, and drinking diet c___ (I won’t name it here but you know what I’m talking about!) and eating fast food and take-outs.


She started having up to 20 epileptic fits a day. They became so severe that she couldn’t work anymore, and finally had to close down her business. She lost everyone except two dear friends. Her family members thought she was just ‘trying to get attention, and should chill out.’ She lost her house, car, lover – everything. She became depressed and suicidal. And since she hadn’t put 2 and 2 together yet, she still drank the soda.

On the edge of surgery

She was so desperate to get her clear-thinking mind back that she almost opted for radical brain surgery to address the fits. But luckily, she found a savvy doctor who had her stop drinking the soda.

It took a while, and she had to start eating right and taking care of herself, but her seizures mellowed out and finally stopped after about a year.

After she started feeling better and was able to drive and to be about in the world, she needed to find work – as well as create within herself a feeling of contribution through service. So she studied to become a massage practitioner, since it was one of the few things she could do and make some money without having to strain her brain.

But she was still very spacey a lot of the time – and this was 5 years after stopping drinking the soda, when I met her.

Do you suffer from this without knowing?

Many people suffer from neurological disorders that stem from what they ate, ingested some way or were injected with. But the real issue is whether or not we are going to take action and demand the cessation of the manufacture and use of poison in our everyday foods.

Be really careful if you’re allergic to MSG!

If I eat it, within 15 minutes my bones start to feel like they’ve been tazered. Like they are shattering from within. It lasts for up to 24 hours. Not at all fun. If you notice yourself reacting to what everyone else is eating and thinks is normal – pay attention! Check to see if there is aspartame or MSG – two big culprits.

And go here for great information on MSG:

And, you can tap for food reactions!

Sandi Radomski is well-known for her use of EFT and other transformative tools for helping people with food reactions and allergies. Look her up.

Get Change Your Mind! with EFT (at the tab at the top of this page) – that’ll help you learn how to tap for your mental, emotional and physical ailments.

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What You Focus On Is What You Get!

Yesterday, I suggested to someone to stop focusing on herself and start focusing on her dream, instead.

I say that to a lot of people, actually.

And I say it often. Including to myself.

Because I know from hard experience, both in my own life and from witnessing the healing of others for so many years, that it’s only possible to create your dream if you focus on it, and not your poor, pathetic, sad, grieving, hurt, unperfect, guilty (add your own self-talk here) self.

It’s really true, that old saying:
Where your thoughts go your energy flows.

Focus on sad, you get sad.
Focus on feeling better, feeling better comes.
Focus on creating dreams, dreams get created.

In my own experience of with umpteen years of depression, I got to see myself spiral down and down and down until I really thought there was no way up, ever.

And then I had the surprise good fortune to learn energy practices. Ho! Miracle! I practiced every day. Sometimes all day – what else did I have to do? After so many years in Down, Up seemed impossible, but I was bound and determined to get there, because Down was killing me.

I got to see myself climbing my inner ladder back up and up and up again. Until now I never go back down as far as I did. Ever.

So, how do you climb out without knowing how, or without a friendly supportive hand? There’s the rub. Most of us stumble along without knowing how. OK. Here’s how.

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No More Kidney Stones: EFT/Tapping & Chi Lal Medical Chi Gung

Two years ago, I was hospitalized with kidney stones.

They took ’em out. It was NOT fun. A month later at my checkup, my doc said, “You have a dime-size kidney stone in each kidney. Again.”

I asked what I was supposed to do. He, being of conventional medical school thinking, said it was chemical treatment or surgery. Nupe. Not for me, thank you very much!

I told him what I was going to do, instead of his idea, and he looked at me with that “Maybe she should be put away” look most conventional docs get when you even mention energy work.
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