MSG, the Silent Poison

When I lived in New Mexico many years ago, I got a series of weekly massages from a women who had just moved to the area. She was really good. As I got to know her better, I started noticing how every once in a while she’d kind of space out and mentally “go’ somewhere else, and I’d have to speak to her quite loudly to bring her back to present.

I mentioned it to her out of curiosity, and I’m so glad I did, because she had an amazing – horrifying, really – story.

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From successful lawyer to too ill to work.

She’d been a very successful lawyer, with a practice that was so busy that she started not taking care of herself, and drinking diet c___ (I won’t name it here but you know what I’m talking about!) and eating fast food and take-outs.


She started having up to 20 epileptic fits a day. They became so severe that she couldn’t work anymore, and finally had to close down her business. She lost everyone except two dear friends. Her family members thought she was just ‘trying to get attention, and should chill out.’ She lost her house, car, lover – everything. She became depressed and suicidal. And since she hadn’t put 2 and 2 together yet, she still drank the soda.

On the edge of surgery

She was so desperate to get her clear-thinking mind back that she almost opted for radical brain surgery to address the fits. But luckily, she found a savvy doctor who had her stop drinking the soda.

It took a while, and she had to start eating right and taking care of herself, but her seizures mellowed out and finally stopped after about a year.

After she started feeling better and was able to drive and to be about in the world, she needed to find work – as well as create within herself a feeling of contribution through service. So she studied to become a massage practitioner, since it was one of the few things she could do and make some money without having to strain her brain.

But she was still very spacey a lot of the time – and this was 5 years after stopping drinking the soda, when I met her.

Do you suffer from this without knowing?

Many people suffer from neurological disorders that stem from what they ate, ingested some way or were injected with. But the real issue is whether or not we are going to take action and demand the cessation of the manufacture and use of poison in our everyday foods.

Be really careful if you’re allergic to MSG!

If I eat it, within 15 minutes my bones start to feel like they’ve been tazered. Like they are shattering from within. It lasts for up to 24 hours. Not at all fun. If you notice yourself reacting to what everyone else is eating and thinks is normal – pay attention! Check to see if there is aspartame or MSG – two big culprits.

And go here for great information on MSG:

And, you can tap for food reactions!

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