$$$ Tapping

I decided to focus more this year on my painting and carving work, and reduce my coaching hours. It was really, really – REALLY! – scary to do that.

Why? Well, because as soon as I made the decision, all my old starving-artist fears popped right up in my face.

I was convinced that I would never, ever make a living at my artwork…that no one would want my work…no one would buy it…and I’d end up under a bridge an old pathetic crone.

I have practically worn my tapping points out dealing with those old fears and doubts.

I guess from your point of view it might sound pretty silly that I still had all those doubts, because as an EFT practitioner / trainer and business and marketing mindset coach, I’ve worked on scarcity and marketing fears and doubts about value and all that for the last 11 years – shouldn’t I be done with all that?

But…I had never applied it to the art part of my own life. And there came, like a huge avalanche, all these 50-year old doubts and fears and voices of nay-saying and massive criticism!


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I was prepared this time – no longer a defenseless emotionally overwhelmed and totally depressed artist!

Instead of freaking out, I have been applying my own personal energy system that I’ve used over and over successfully with the other things I struggled with – things like: who would want EFT, never enough money, terrible depression, being overweight, hating marketing –


And yesterday, to my absolute delight, I got a call out of the blue (I love out of the blue things the very most!) from an old friend who wanted to commission me for a sculpture.

To me, this was a triple-headed win –

  1.  it came from posting a picture of one of my latest pieces on facebook, where, in the past, I was scolded for ‘being too commercial’ – and
  2.  I hadn’t sold a piece of sculpture in a really long time, and only once, ages ago, from an online source!
  3.  I had been specifically focusing on tapping for selling my sculpture. It worked! Woohoo!

One thing that has really helped me a lot has been working through the chakra system tapping for wealth by  EFTer Margaret Lynch. If you haven’t seen it and would like to check it out, go here: Margaret Lynch Chakra Course

Margaret has some pretty unique info on the chakras I had never heard from anyone ever before. I invite you to use that link above and watch her freebie videos. There’s no obligation to buy anything, and you can always unsubscribe – although I recommend her work highly.

The chakra work gave me a completely new perspective, and I credit the surge in interest in my artwork to two things I’ve really concentrated on:

  1.  I’ve been concentrating on increased posts with pictures of my artwork to get more exposure through facebook, and
  2.   the intense, specific tapping in Margaret’s course, because it brought up stuff I’d never have thought to address – and even some I had addressed, and got deeper results by tapping with her.

I’ve had such a fine time tapping for the last few weeks that I wondered if there was anyone who would want to meet with me once a week to do tapping on their own wealth, money issues (no matter how much money you have), art-selling, coaching marketing, etc.


We meet every Thursday at 6 pm NY time, once a week, on my conference line.


It’s very hands-on – you get to interact, make comments, ask Qs and get your own issues addressed and tapped on.


You will also get the audios to each call. I really prefer, of course, that you make it live, because it makes the calls so much more personal for you and the energy is so much richer when everyone on the calls interact.


And I’ve set up a Secret Money Tapping Group FB page, as well, so you can meet and greet and support each other behind the scenes. No one else but the invited people in the group will see the page. (You’ll have to have a profile on FB to be invited.)


If you cannot make it to the live calls, sign up anyway so you can get the audios. You can send Qs by email or on the FB page. If the call is 2 am your time, stay up and join us! i dare you!


Coaches, energy practitioners, artists, performers, speakers, writers, authors and anyone struggling with money, small business owners and entrepreneurs of all stripes….


Here are just a few things:

  •  your resistance to marketing, and how to shift that energy into excitement and ease in getting word about your work out to the public
  •  baggage! I’m going to show you how to use my biggest secret – how to take all that old stuff you hate to think about and turn it into pure, sparkling creative juice!
  •  the chakras according to Margaret, how to release the old vows you took unconsciously that keep you bound to old, severely limiting perspectives, habits and actions
  •  debt – releasing the energy of debt, scarcity and fear
  •  catching blame and resentment so they don’t poison your thinking
  •  catching guilt and shame as they flash though your mind and shifting them into freedom and delight in yourself and your gifts to the world

 …and so much more –

  1.  fear of failure
  2.  fear of success
  3.  bad money management – no matter how poor or rich you are, you need to know how to manage your dough!
  4.  compulsive spending, hoarding or giving money away
  5.  turning your family dynamics around so their affects on your heart and bank account are positive
  6.  beliefs like “I can’t make more than my dad (mom, brother….)” and “I’ll lost my friends if I get rich….”


What would you like to get? Here are a few of the things people have gotten by tapping with me – you can, too!:

  •  Freedom from anxiety, guilt, worry, fear, struggle
  •  Way-high self-esteem and self-value
  •  Higher income – how fast can you do it?
  •  Ease in working with others
  •  Healed family relationships
  •  Creating new, exciting and very successful business projects that affect hundreds, even thousands of people, and/or gain you big income
  •  A solid understanding of how to use energy rather than letting it tweak you around by the nose and sabotage every last step you take
  •  Real marketing and business savvy where there was hatred for marketing and helplessness about success before
  •  Magical manifestations and surprises


Weekly Money Tapping:
You get each month’s 4 weeks of guided, interactive tapping for only $57.97. I’ll be doing a new Part every month until mid-December and then again after the new year.


When it came time for me to announce my shift from spending major time coaching to using that time painting and carving, I was scared to death. What if I was blowing it? Would I make enough money to support myself? Would anyone want my work? I felt torn apart with overwhelming old feelings.

What pushed me into the decision?

All I could think of was how I would feel living the next 30-odd years without fulfilling my dream of becoming the artist i wanted to be. When it got to the point that I started to resent the time I spent coaching, I knew I had to decide.

So I ask you – even though you might be scared of making the Big Move into Living your Dream, how much longer will you be able to stand staying where you are now – wishing for but not fully creating the life you want?

How much longer can you go on…feeling confused, numb, scared, anxious, nervous, worried and doubtful?

Stop that right now! Delaying your immediate connection with your own internal wealth is hurting you…and through the vibrational ripples you send out, hurting those around you! Is that what you want?

It’s time to make a new choice – maybe scary, but maybe your life can be better than you’ve ever experienced before! Once you resolve what keeps you from a satisfying relationship with money, which will give you the freedom to make expanded choices…the sky is not the limit – it’s only the beginning….


Yes! I did! However – I miss being with so many wonderful, committed, growing people! Doing the Money Tapping calls is a great way to be back with and help people and yet still maintain the bulk of my time for my artwork.

I look forward to working with you!

You’ll want to start with these Audios first, because they cover the foundational basis for everything that comes later. This is important, because everything you do from a non-clear foundation ripples up through the rest of your life. Clear the foundation and the upper levels get clear, too.

Money Tapping Group Part I: $57.97
to get all 4 90-minute Audio MP3 recordings 

Money Tapping Group Part II: $57.97
CLICK HERE to get all 4 90-minute Audio MP3 Recordings   

Money Tapping Group Part III: $57.97
to get all 4 90-minute Audio MP3 Recordings

Money Tapping Group Part IV: $57.97
CLICK HERE to get into the live tapping group (November 15 – December 13)

Money Tapping Group: All 4 Parts: $231.88
CLICK HERE to get all 4 Money Tapping Group Audio Series

These are some of the most powerful money tapping audios you’ll find anywhere. We go into the Chakras and how you made vows as a young child unconsciously that block your ability to move outside your family belief system. This is NOT the traditional chakra system training!

Without clearing your unconscious vows, decisions and fears within each chakra, it’s so much more difficult to get your money stuff handled. Once you clear them, you’ll be surprised how much easier making money and handling money are.


I also show you how to do various focused psychic healing methods that allow you to go very deep into your own subconscious mind to clear it of limited and destructive thoughts and habits.

These are some of the powerful tactics and exercises I learned in my trainings in HUNA, advanced EFT, Avatar, Holographic Repatterning, and Filipino Psychic Healing. I don’t share them with just anybody.


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