Maverick 1-1 Sessions with Me

sm-playI invite you to meet with me in one or more Maverick 1-1 Sessions that help you resolve personal stuff or business development at the same time as save you lots of money.

Why “Maverick”?

Because anything we do outside of the status quo is going to be considered maverick, renegade, etc. And that’s OK.

In order to get out of the rut of the conditioning you grew up with, and get going to create success out of what might be your daily grind right now, radical action must take place!

Is it time for you to be the Maverick of your own life?

So, if you’re tired of feeling lost, overwhelmed, confused…

..if you want to make more omney, help more people or make a bigger difference in life…

…if you have been procrastinating, distracted, not on track…

…if you want to go to the next level but need a little boost…

I invite you to meet with me one-on-one to untangle your limiting htoughts and habits, your emotional glitches, your business and marketing snags, or to amp up your intentions and ambitions.


You might want to:

•  transform procrastination, stalling and dithering into
>>>production, profits, and “you-can’t-stop-me now!”

•  transform feeling scattered and unfocused into
>>>sharply focused action steps you can take right away

•  transform fear of being visible into
>>>”I can be comfortable in front of thousands”

•  transform not making enough money into
>>>”I make plenty and am so grateful”

Make up your own: transform ______  into _____

Or, you may want to:

•  create specific action steps for the rest of 2014
>>>so you can be really clear about what you’re doing, when, with whom, and how

•  hash out exactly who your audience is and what it wants
>>>so you can deliver it to them fearlessly and profitably

•  get clear what your audience wants and needs,
>>>so you can help them resolve problems or fulfill their wants and create unique products and services they will lap up like honey cakes faster than bears just out of hibernation! 

You can choose:

ONE 15-minute Maverick Laser Session – $97


ONE 55-Minute Maverick 1-1 Session & Audio MP3 –$297


THREE 55-Minute Maverick 1-1 Sessions & Audio MP3 – $957





Once your payment goes through, you’ll get an email with instructions, as well as be directed to a web page with how to get to my handy-dandy calendar signer-upper to choose your appointment slots.

I look forward to meeting with you!


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