How to Let Go of Fear of Death and Dying

Roberta Grimes: Messages from the Afterlife

I used to cry myself to sleep when I was in my late teens and 20s. I thought dying was The End, that I would be annihilated upon the death of my body.

I had no religious or other background to refute that idea.

I thought heaven was a myth that was invented to get people to be ‘good’ in this life.

The Fun of Dying Author, Roberta Grimes, had a powerful experience of the Light when she was 8 years old. You’ll be interested to learn why she thought there was no god, and what her message from the Light was.

fun-dyingYou’ll be amazed at what she found out in her years of research about death, dying, the afterlife, contacting the dead, ‘rescuing’ dead people, and more.

Roberta discovered something that would have released me completely from my fears. Wish I’d had this then.

You’ll love this interview! Besides, we laughed a lot! LISTEN HERE!

Here are four resources she recommends:
Click HERE to read Life After Life by Raymond Moody
Click HERE to get the Seth books
Click HERE to get the Course of Miracles
Click HERE to get Roberta’s book, the Fun of Dying
CLICK HERE to get her next book, the Fun of Staying in Touch


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