How to Dowse for Critical Details

How do you find those pesky but critical details?

Last week I worked with a gal I’m going to call Samantha.

At one point in her session we turned up a powerful belief that stopped her joy in life on a daily basis.

She said, “If people really knew who I was, if I let them get close enough to see my deepest thoughts and beliefs, they’d never like me. So I never let people come as close as they could. Even my closest friends.”

We did some tapping to get her feeling like her self-confidence and joy in her own being-ness was back to shine a bit, but…


She felt like there was something big, something important that was just out of reach, and wanted to know where it came from, when it started, who was involved; and then how to change it and what to do to move forward in a positive self-determined fashion.


I don’t usually go into story details, because I mainly work clearing energy. In most cases, that in itself is usually enough to turn about any story inside out and irrelevant. But this time it seemed right.

So I grabbed my handy-dandy dowsing rod and went for it.,

We discovered a whole bunch of details she’d never have gotten on her own.

For instance, her belief didn’t come from her childhood, or experiences in this life, or even a past life – it came from a future experience!

How can that be? Well, isn’t there a saying that “All possibilities exist simultaneously”? Yep, there is. That means there >is< no time – at least, in the linear form in which we are accustomed to thinking about it. It’s all-time, for all-time. So a “future” experience is totally possible. She had had an experience ‘there’ that made her believe she was “ugly, mean, hateful and worthless” at her very core.

Whew. That’s no fun to carry around! It was so plain to see and so easy to heal that we cleared it all in less than 5 minutes. She left feeling like a new person.

Without dowsing, it would have taken much longer to get the little details that added up to get the information that helped her so much.


Later on after we hung up, I started thinking about how others might want to know how I did that.

So I’m going to share my unique forms of dowsing with you so you can do it, too, so you, too can get cool answers and great results with your own clients, if you’re a coach (or mom or dad, or a boss, or – whatever).

If you already know how to dowse, you might still want to come along, because I have some body dowsing techniques you may not know yet. Some of them you can do right in front of people and no one would ever know.


(You can get the webinar and recording, and you can also get a 1-1 with me that includes my own personal Detail Dowsing Chart.)

FRIDAY, AUGUST 18 from 6 to 7 pm NY time (and after, for the 1-1s).

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