Hot Chile-Pepper-Corn Potatoes! 2 FREE Holiday Recipe Gifts for You!

I like to give away freebies over the holidays. So – here’s a free recipe booklet with my exclusive home-discovered recipe for South-West style New Mexican Hot Potatoes!

I created it after many trials and errors in my long stay in the dry south-west – in Madrid , Cerrillos and Santa Fe.

Hope you like it – it makes a great pot-luck dish!

Love and Happy Holidays to you, world!

And here you will find a FREE really important paper on why you really don’t want to be using MSG  – ever.

Be careful when you eat out – the menu might say ‘MSG-free’ – but many restaurants buy sauces and other seasoned already-packaged foods that might just have MSG in them. Especially Asian food restaurants. So even if you ask and they say, no we don’t use MSG, they may not even know if their sauces have it in them!

Here’s to a healthy, happy, food-allergy-free holiday!

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