Got Fear of Cold Calling? Or ANY Calling?

Maybe you feel freaked out by having to make business phone calls where you don’t know the person very well – or maybe even not at all….

Perhaps you’re afraid you’ll get rejected, or even laughed at! Or maybe they won’t sign up for your services? Or…(____ you fill in the blank ____ ) .

Here’s what someone said recently (thx, NM): “I have a fear of making cold calls. Even if we have exchanged emails and are now at the point of connecting over the phone I have a hard time picking up the phone and calling. I hope nobody laughs at me….”

If you feel squeamish about calling people – for whatever reason – cold-calling, warm-calling, or even hot-calling(!) – and you want to feel happy, excited and confident that you’ll get the intended results you want, you’ll want to join me on this 60-minute audio.

Yup, it’s free. AND…get ready to do some inner exploration! This is not any old namby-pamby little freebie where you sit and soak it in! You’ll get real results if you allow yourself to use the critical information I give you, and do the work I lead you through in this powerful call. 

When you listen to this teleclass audio and use the Cheat Sheet and the Draw-the-Line Process I give you, you’ll discover how to turn your calling fears into delightful creative energy you can use to produce the business success results you want…and feel great, too!

I show you the unique, proprietary system I use to get great results – it’s faster and more powerful than just using conventional EFT/tapping!

You get this great Cheat Sheet and a Prep Sheet to print out and use, plus two other shorty ebooks to inspire you and keep you on track!

CLICK RIGHT HERE to get this FREEbie Audio MP3 Recording of the No More Calling Fears Teleclass, plus the Two Cheat Sheets and two Bonus Ebooks!

Once your zero-dollar interaction goes through, you’re directed immediately to the download page to get the Audio and the Goodies. Plus, just in case, you also get an email with the information to get to the download page.


Hi Angela! Thank you SO MUCH for your Calling teleseminar last night! I already used the technique with one of my clients to help her more effectively manage anxiety! YOU ROCK!  
~ J.H., Coach

I just want to say thank you for recording the call, and the free ebooks. I appreciate all you do. Blessings to you and yours.
~ Gay Hergert , at


Thank you for sharing your time and energy with us. I enjoyed the No More Calling Fears teleconference. It was easy to follow and you stayed on task. I liked…the Curiosity Calling technique. I’m new to EFT. I’ve had several major life changes & I am trying to get back on track. I am taking baby steps & this teleconference was one step in the right direction.

I was afraid people would say no to me if I called them. I liked the material you covered, and your laid-back atmosphere. Now I use EFT & take 3 deep breaths, and it’s better. Thank you!
~ Sheryl L.

I was trained from an early age that phone calls mean bad news. Your teleclass added one more tool to my personal development toolbox. I feel better about calling now – I approach it with curiosity. Thanks –
~ P.R..

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