The 5 Step Love Works Discovery Session Client Sign-Up System

The 5 Step Love Works Discovery Session Client Sign-Up System

If you’ve been meeting people you know you could serve, and who would be just right to work with … and yet they don’t buy or sign up –

Here’s how to successfully invite those people to sign up as your new clients and customers.

This is for you if you are an entrepreneur, a small biz owner, if you’re new in biz, a health coach, artist, writer, coach…and you struggle signing up new coaching clients with your Discovery Sessions, or getting customers to buy your products.

Q&A Call: The 5 Step Love Works Successful & Profitable New-Client Sign-Up SystemEvery person who has learned this from me who actually uses it has told me it works like a dream!

In this 60-minute audio (with accompanying 3-Part Cheat Sheet that includes my Exclusive Client Signup Script), I reveal to you the 5 highly critical elements you absolutely must include when you do a new-client inquiry, a strategy session or discovery session.

You’ll see for yourself how effective the 5 steps are, and exactly how to use those 5 steps to sign up your new clients and customers successfully and profitably. And why leaving out any one of the 5 steps will dissolve your ability to sign them up.


You can use this system in about any business, because it’s based on an attitude of truly caring for your customer, rather than “I gotta get a client” thinking, which repels people faster than the speed of light.


You’ll probably be surprised when I tell you what the simple, no-strings, Key Element is, because it’s not just love, or caring – it’s something you have to BE (not a saint, either!)

Do they tell you…
“I can’t afford it,” or “I’ll sign up once I have more money?”
“I need to think about it!” or
“I want to run it by my hubby”?


Once you start using the 5 Steps, all that will stop!

Stop wasting time doing Discovery Sessions with endings like that, and feeling discouraged afterwards like you’re a failure, or that people just don’t like you or want to work with you.

Once I started using this 5 Step System myself, before I’d even get to the end of the Discovery Session I would hear, “When can I sign up with you? Can I start next week?” Music to my ears!

How would you like that to happen for you?

The 5 Step System allows you to see if the person is an appropriate client for you or not, and to signup the fabulous just-right ones! Who wouldn’t want that?

The 5 Step Love-Works Successful and Profitable Discovery Session New-Client Sign Up System –
the 60-minute Downloadable Audio and 3-Part Cheat Sheet


1. First, you learn the 5 Step System. Then, you see how to do it when I take a live volunteer through the process and how it works, and what you need to have ready before you do it yourself. Then we review what I did so you can understand it now from the inside out.

2. You get to know the exact steps –
•   what each step is,
•   why it’s important, and
•   how the 5 steps set you up as their immediate go-to person, and

3. You get to see how to prepare for the actual signup step – this is where most people blow it massively badly, and end up not getting clients, or feeling resentful for too-low fees they feel forced to charge.

Have you met people who would be wonderful to have as clients and customers….but even though they sound like they’re interested in your work, they just walk away? When you use the 5 Step System, that will stop for you.


• The 60-minute downloadable Audio MP3
• The 3-Part Cheat Sheet Fill-in
….Part I: Energy Exercises to open you to receiving new information gracefully
….Part II: Energy Exercises disable your automatic resistance to new things
….Part III: The 5 Steps, and the Script

Imagine: you have just one more $125 client a week.

That’s an absurdly low statistic, but let’s just pretend:
>>> in one month = $500 more for you
>>> in one year = $7200 more for you.
What could you do with $500 more a month?
What would that pay for?
What stress would that take away?

What are you waiting for?

CLICK on the paypal button to get
the 5-Step System Audio & Cheat Sheet – $10.00

ASK YOURSELF: What would happen if:

•   you had the confidence to finally sign up those perfect-for-you clients?
•   you had waaaaay more income?
•   you could start spending your time on your work, instead of worrying about who’s going to refuse you today?
•   there were so many just-right-for-you people wanting to work with you that you had a mile-long waiting list?

Get the 5-Step System here for just $10.00


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