How to Become A Wealth Maverick

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Be a Wealth Maverick – don’t put up with the conventional story you hear everywhere around money or conditioned beliefs that keep you stuck! Discover how you can use tapping in order to magnify and magnetize financial security and abundance into your life.


Bond with Abundance

One day when I was contemplating why so many people are still struggling so hard about money, it came to me that most of us, from the time we are little, are missing one vital link that connects us to being able to be prosperous.

I put together a short system to re-create the missing element, and tried it out. And I tapped myself into feeling clear of anything in the way of it. Without overtly doing anything extra to make money, within only a few hours my paypal account went up by over 1000 dollars…and more continues to come in.

I still use this little process, and I’m still astounded at how fast things can take place! I invite you to see what you get from using this short, simple system. This powerful 60-minute audio MP3 recording and transcript set was regularly $79, but now that it is part of The Vault, it is now only $19.97.

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Reclaim Your power!

“Jim,” a chiropractor, was making enough to cover his expenses, and that was about it. He wasn’t even paying himself. He felt frustrated, angry and disappointed because he wanted to help more people but just couldn’t figure out how to do it. We worked on *one* particular private-life issue.

Our success with that resulted in his now being able to see and help three to five hundred people a *week,* and increase his income to over half a million dollars a year–without working harder, or spending one red penny over what he had already been paying for advertising.

if you don’t know the simple method i show you here, you’ll plod along with the rest of the herd and miss out on 90% of the energy and power that is just sitting there waiting for you to access and use it.

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Reach Your Goals!

Does this sound familiar? “I’ve really been struggling…I just can’t seem to accomplish things…fighting everything I want to accomplish…I feels so alone…like it’s endless…they say I’m too sensitive….”

You may be in that small group of people called the highly sensitive personality. They’re 2% of the population, and they are the people who hear from other people, “Oh, don’t be so sensitive, let it run like water off a ducks back.” Do you ever hear that from people? Unfortunately, we weren’t trained to take care of ourselves – we were trained to take care of everybody else first.

It’s the helper mentality. Most of us helpers help everybody else but ourselves. And there’s no one answer–you have to keep navigating. But the thing to remember is that since you are what’s called an HSP, you’ve got to be extra careful, more so than the average Joe. On the other hand, you have to be more forgiving of yourself for when you transgress.

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I Was A Poor Monk in A Past Life….

I can’t tell you how many sessions I’ve done with healers and artists who say exactly this: “In a past lifetime, I must have been a monk. I have a hard time even relating to money. I feel like I shouldn’t charge for my work or services!”

Have you ever heard yourself saying, thinking or believing that? If so, this audio is for you, because you’ll get what you need to correct those sabotaging beliefs and replace them with ones that work for you!

If you have difficulty charging for your services, or if charging for it means you aren’t spiritual, this audio is for you!

Are you an artist, healer, coach or entrepreneur? Do you feel shame or guilt for charging for your work or services? Maybe you’re a woman who’s new to business, or a highly sensitive individual. Maybe you’re used to thinking your little service isn’t worth much? Think again!

You’ll be pleased and surprised to find the unique viewpoint in this audio. It’s something, to my knowledge, about which absolutely not one other practitioner, therapist or expert has ever spoken. Once you hear this, you’ll realize the real truth about what this is about, why it has held you back, and how utterly erroneous it is in a monk’s ‘real’ life – even today.

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