Erase Your Holiday Blues & Have a Good Time this Year!

I was speaking with a friend of mine today who is a Holiday Orphan like me – neither of us has any immediate family closer than thousands of miles away.

She commented how lucky she felt not to have to go home and face the criticism and derision she always feels when she is with her family. At the same time, though, she felt lonely and depressed, and didn’t want to go to anyone’s parties because “I’d just bring everyone down!”

That just made me feel so sad!


I thought of the many people there are in the same position as my friend, and thought, heck, I can do something about that!

So I decided to hold a last-minute-help-the-black-sheep-holiday-orphans-have-a-happy-holiday-time-wherever-they-are webinar.

Are you a holiday orphan?

Do you have to go home and face a hard time with your family?

Are you a misunderstood entrepreneur – artist, musician, writer – considered to be black sheep by your family?

Are you alone and super lonely over the holidays?

Do you hate going through holidays because your family looks down on you for not having a ‘real’ job, or ‘getting real’ in your life?

What if you could change the dynamics this year?

What if you could actually go home – or be home – and have a good time?

What if you could change whatever it is that keeps you from enjoying the holidays?

You can’t change their thinking, but what if you could change your own?

Why? Because you have ideas, beliefs and habits that block you from having a good time. Even one change can make a world of difference!


For example: “Sally” used to think her mother didn’t approve of her because instead of having a ’regular’ job, she was a podcaster.

When Sally and I worked together, she realized that her mom didn’t even know what podcasting was, and that she only wanted her daughter to be financially secure.

So after we shifted her rage – first to understanding, then to excitement – she went home, sat down with her mom and explained what she was doing, in detail.

Her mom surprised her by announcing to the rest of the family at dinner how proud she was of Sally and what she was doing, and how courageous she thought she was. Sally’s relationship with her entire family changed because of that one session.

What belief do you hold about your family that keeps your own happiness trapped inside a little black box called Fear of Family?

What habitual thought pattern about yourself keeps you in the rut of year-after-year Holiday Blues?

Erase Holiday Blues! Create Holiday Fun!

Whether it’s fear of going home, or not wanting to go to parties alone, or simply being lonely – let’s change that!

I invite you to meet with me on the
Erase Your Holiday Blues Webinar!

from 7 to 8 pm NY time (EST).

We will dig down and find a belief that keeps your happiness at bay, and shift it until you can breathe a big sigh of relief and face the Big Day with ease and calm.


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We will be meeting on my webinar site. You will see me, but you can stay hidden, if you choose.

YES! I will be making a recording! Audio only!

CLICK HERE to Register for just $10.

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I look forward to having you on the call!