Create Month-After-Month Income with Your Kindle Books

Exotic-Soup-4hYes, you, too, can write, create and build your very own set-It and forget-It Kindle books and receive a steady stream of month-after-month Income from them!

I told some friends of mine recently that I had decided to make some money on the side by writing and publishing short Kindle books. (Click on the image to the left and see my first one on Amazon!)

I was surprised by how excited they got! They asked all kinds of questions, so I decided I’d put together some materials to guide them in making more money using Kindle. Maybe you’d like to know more, too.

Here’s my plan – and maybe you’d like to do it, too: publish a new short book every week – even every couple of days, if I can keep up the pace! How do you do that?

Well, here’s a little secret: my new recipe books are only 2 pages long! My recipes take me all of 3 hours, tops. Of course you can take longer, and of course it can be a report or a short or long book.

You can think up, write and publish a Kindle book in one day.

See, if you can create something nice, and then start the word rolling by telling all your friends, clients and acquaintances about it, then it’s a make-more-and-keep-telling-people thing. I figure if I do the once-a-week plan, then I’ll have 100 or so of them going, so there ought to be at least a LITTLE passive income from it!


Make a list of all the little things you know how to do…but maybe you can’t integrate them with your regular business theme: like, maybe you’re a coach, but you’re also a good cook! So you’ve got lots of recipes. You wouldn’t be able to sell them as part of your coaching biz, but you could sell them on Kindle!

Once you have a list of things you love to do, are good at, and could write a page or two about, choose ONE topic on that list. If you choose more, you’ll start to feel overwhelmed. Choose one topic, and then once a week you write out a 2-page report on that topic.

For instance: I have a slew of recipes, but if I think about writing them all down, I feel blown over. So I chose Recipes > Soups. So My first Kindle books were soup recipes.

I can hear you say, “But Angela, how do you create the book and the cover, how do you publish it…?

Not to worry – I’ll take you through how to choose topics (that sell), how to price them, how to build your books (easier than you think!), how to set your page up on Kindle, how to publish and market your books easily and fast – and more.

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