Turn Self-Doubt into Confidence & Creativity

Conquer the self-doubt that buckles your knees and takes your breath away!

A friend of mine, a successful 20-year veteran coach, and I were recently discussing a new idea she had, and suddenly she said, “I don’t know. Who would want to buy this? Maybe it’s not such a great idea.” I was stunned! Really?

Does that happen to you, too?

You’re GOOD at what you do!

Yet, sometimes when you think of a great idea you suddenly have these totally destructive thoughts, like:

•  “who’d want this anyway?” or
•  “maybe it’s not good enough yet,” or
•  “no one will pay for my work!” or
•  “I don’t know if people want this,” or…
…any number of thoughts like that.


Your brain has a built-in STOP system. I call it the Inevitable Half-second Pause.
Your brain just wants to keep you safe from any and all danger.
So when you come up with a new idea, *bammo*! It makes you hesitate!

And then, since it’s an insider, and it knows all the thoughts that trigger you to stop, it says, “NO!…
•  You can’t do that!
•  You’ll get hurt!”
•  You’ll get laughed at!
•  No one will buy it!
•  You’ll get criticized!
•  People will think you’re stupid/lazy/unprofessional…
•  You’ll fail. Or, you’ll succeed and then fall!
•  And fill in the blank ____ with your own destructive thoughts.

And what’s worse? You believe it!



What doubt is holding YOU back?

Come get it untied, untangled and re-purposed, so instead of getting in your way, you can harvest the creative energy that’s been hidden up inside of it, and use it to move forward with your ideas and projects.

We conquer self-doubt! We take self-doubt, ‘not good enough’, ‘my mother’s voice’ and fear of rejection and replace them with power, creativity, love and appreciation.

I show you how to take responsibility for your words; and we dive into your Deep Self to create a solid platform for your every day power!

What does ‘working’ mean?

It means we:
1. get right into it – gently and firmly
2. tap and talk and process
3. get you a new perspective
4. shift your energy, thoughts and emotions…
…so you feel better for that issue.

Come onnnnnn along!

We gently reveal the scary stuff, put it to rest, and then bring out the exciting, uplifting and amazing, creative parts of you that you haven’t ever trusted before.

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