Ask Angela Anything: May 27, 2011

AUDIOS & RESOURCES from the May 27, 2011 call

(Audio 1 is about 30 minutes long.
Audio 2 (includes the tapping) is about 20 minutes long.)

QUESTION 1: “How do I outsource things to other people when I can’t afford it?”
•   Some easy things you can do to start off so you save time and money.

QUESTION 2. “How do I get out of the coaching 1 on 1 limited-income loop I find myself in? I want to make more money but don’t know what to do first.”

•   What to do to start making more money as you spend less time and help more people!

QUESTION  3.“What’s a VIP Day, and why would I want to hold them? I don’t feel competent or ready to hold one….”
•  Why VIP Days make you so much income so fast, help your clients so powerfully, and how to structure them – especially if you are a new coach or have never put together an intensive training before..

QUESTION  4. “Who would ever pay THAT amount of money…?”
•   Why you must never assume someone cannot pay your fees – no matter how high those fees might seem to you …
•   Why it’s you getting in the way, and what to do about it.

QUESTION 5. “I want to be SEEN and HEARD, but am terrified to stand out….”
•   How you can be quietly strong and still attract Your People.
•   How to market without sacrificing your values or ethics…
•   What does EFT Master Rue Hass do?

QUESTION 6. “How do I integrate all the various things I do?”
•   A way to create freebies for your websites so easily it’s almost absurd….

QUESTION 7. “How do I keep from spending so much time watching freebie videos and marketing lessons?”
•   This is a shocker – you’ll love the answer to this one!

Download the short audio for answers to Q 7 here.

TAPPING & MORE: Tapping on Being Seen and Heard….
•   Why I don’t use the Karate Chop Point….
•   What other advanced tapping points to use in public for discret tapping….
•   Illustrations

AUDIO 1 (About 30 min):



AUDIO 2 (About 20 min)




TAPPING Points mentioned in the call:

Daring Dreamers Showcase
Interview with Millionaire Marketiner Milana Leshinsky

For Your Own Good: Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing & the Roots of Violence
by Allice Miller

How parents in the early 1900s were encouraged to break the wills of their children on purpose
Get it here.






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