Ask Angela Anything!

The Ask Angela Anything Calls…
are held every two weeks, featuring questions you send in to me about:

•  EFT, the Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping, MTT, meridian tapping, etc.)
•  Your Coaching practice
•  Your marketing – whether off or online
•  Making your coaching business more successful (for teachers, entrepreneurs, leaders, and health, energy and EFT coaches in particular)
•  Writing, publishing or marketing your print and ebooks

You’ll probably think up more categories – feel free! If I can answer your question, I will, or help you find answers I don’t know.

I also include interviews…
… with inspirational, knowledgable experts and masters in varous fields.

How do you sign up so you get notified to find out about the calls?
The easiest thing to do is scroll down to the bottom of this page and get your membership.

How do you get the audios for the calls?
Once you are registered and on the notification list, you’ll get emails letting you know a call is happening, and once its completed, where to get the downloadable audio MP3 recordings.


I invite you to send me your questions before each call, so even if you cannot be on the call live, you’ll still get an expert answer for your particular question by listening to the recording afterwards.

GROUP POWER: I specialize in tapping for both the personal and business problems that come up for you in the course of your work-week.

You’ll see how powerful it is when a lot of people get together and tap on YOUR issues, limiting beliefs, and challenges and on expanding your successes! On each call we’ll do at least one 10 to 15-minute round of powerful tapping for you.

WHEN: We meet the first and third Fridays of the month from 4 to 5 pm NY time.

If you want to make your personal and business Dreams real, and want an easy way to get going, make more money and fulfill your deepest heart’s desires, this is where to start, especially if you’re low on funds at the moment.

Listen in carefully, because I can give you answers in 5 minutes that will literally change your entire business.

I want to help you do that – will you allow it? I can help you start to:
•  actually like and enjoy marketing (!)
•  draw in more clients who are just right for you
•  help more of them in less time (see Call #1, Question 2!)
•  have way more freedom to do what YOU want to do, and
•  make more money faster than you ever thought possible.

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•  Two full 45 to 60-minute live calls a month
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Once you have completed your purchase, you will be directed to the password-protected page where you can get the call-in information and links to the audios and resources from each call.

I look forward to having you join us.

If you have a question you want answered next time, just email it to me at:
Lyon (at)!

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