For Coaches: No Pushing, Persuading or Convincing!

happinessCross Out Coercion and Convincing!

I got a nice note from someone who said, “Angela, when I say “I can’t afford it,” I mean exactly that. I may or may not be interested in the future (probably would be, because otherwise I’d say, “no thank you, not what I need right now).”

Thank you, PVC, I appreciate you bringing that up!


Maybe you’re like this, too – when someone is trying to convince me that their product or service is the best on the planet, or that I ‘should’ sign up for it – my fingers cross in front of me and I back away – or even run away – in a hurry.

I don’t like being pushed on, persuaded, convinced or coerced. I want to feel like my choice is my choice, made in freedom with full information and disclosure.

And I’m imagining that not only do you not like being pushed on, either, but that you don’t want to do that when you sign up your coaching clients yourself.

(That’s why I called the how-to-do-a-Discovery-Session Call, where I show you how to have a confab with new people, the 5 Step LOVE WORKS Discovery Session System. No pushing. Respect only. Here:

And that’s why I teach you how to have the fees conversation in a way that fits with your beliefs and doesn’t push on anyone, ever.


Thing is, if you push someone to sign up, not only do they feel it, but they resent it, and that energy will be there in the space the entire time you work with them. Totally inappropriate!

And, if they feel pushed, they’re the ones who are most likely to sign up and then say they want their money back the next day.

So don’t do it!

Learn how to habe the Fees Conversation in a way that you both can determine whether or not your work together will work for both of you, at prices that work for you and your client.

I show you just how to do that – tomorrow on the

Q&A CALL: How to Create Just-Right Programs & Packages, Set Your Rates and Feel Confident Discussing Them

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9 from 5 to 6 pm NY time:

I invite you to CLICK HERE to sign up – $37.99

Oh – and did I mention? I’ll also be taking you through a combo Brain-Clear / Brain-Prosperity Exercise that will help you manifest just the right-for-you clients. I know, sounds woowoo, but it’s based on real, solid scientific evidence. I’ll show you -

I look forward to having you on the call. If you can’t come live, get it anyway so you can get the Downloadable MP3 Audio Recording, as well as the immensely valuable Cheat Sheet that has the Brain Exercise and Set Your Fee scripts in it!


For Coaches: “I Just Wanted to Know How to Do the Money Conversation….”

shareOne of the people who asked me to have a class on the asking for the fee-part of the client signup process wrote me and said, “I didn’t want to know how to create packages. All I wanted was to know how to do the money conversation so I can sign them up.”

Well, that’s fine.

And – to have the conversation, you have to determine your fees, so you can have a sheet of paper with them beside you when you speak with someone about it.

In order to determine your fees, you have to know what you are going doing for them.

In order to know what you’re going to do for them, you have to know how much time and what kind of resources you’re willing to give them.

So you have to have your packages ready before you know your fees, before you have your money conversation. Make sense?


And you need to know how to help your clients through the “I can’t afford it,” “My hubbie says I shouldn’t do it,” “Let me think about it,” and the “I can’t afford it” parts you’ll get.

There’s only one reason they say that, and once you can help them see where that comes from, and what to do about it, most will sign up with you.


There’s also a disconnect in your own brain, which I will help you get past.

SO – I INVITE YOU come to this week’s Q&A call, where I show you how to:

•  create packages your clients need, want and are happy paying you for, and which you will be happy to deliver and receive payment for

•  have the actual money conversation in a way that serves both you and your client-to-be

•  help them get through objections and make very clear decisions about whether or not they really want to sign up with you

•  do an important brain exercise that helps you accept more prosperity into your own life, and which you can turn around and share with your clients.

I look forward to having you on the call. If you can’t come live, get it anyway so you can get the audio.

How to Create Just-Right Programs & Packages, Set Your Rates and Feel Confident Discussing Them

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9 from 5 to 6 pm NY time:

CLICK HERE to sign up – $37.99

Sign up one client and get your investment in you back…and more!


For Energy, Health & Biz Coaches: How to Set Your Packages & Fees so You Don’t Flub Your Client Discovery Sessions


Last week on The 5 Step Love Works Discovery Session Client Sign-Up System Q & A call, you asked me to help you with the money part of signing people up after your Discovery Sessions. This is it.

I hear you say, “I get to the end of delivering a Discovery Session and they ask me about working more with me … and I don’t know what to do, and they don’t sign up!”

The reason you fumble the end of your Discovery Session is that you don’t know what to say. You don’t know what to say because….

1. YOU FEEL uncomfortable charging for your work

Sorry, but … get over it. Dentists charge, don’t they? And surgeons, doctors, lawyers, hair dressers, computer servicemen, and others who provide services, right?

You provide emotional, mental and/or health pain elimination and/or relief. You provide inner peace, clear thinking and the possibility of extended and well-being.

Isn’t that a valuable service?

Why on earth would you NOT charge for it? Think about this:

•  Helping just one desperate vet control his/her rage and not commit suicide saves his entire family from the rage, outbursts and depression…and brings back the space for love. Wonderful!
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Send Shadow Packing!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes, in my life, it feels like there’s a big old black shadow hanging over me and my life, and it’s really hard to remember how to get out from under it. So I thought I’d share with you the 10 steps that I use to send that shadow on its way. Remember to use tapping as you walk through each step!

Right click on the cover image to download this FREE shorty ebook!










Can You Really Tap to Eliminate Feelings of Abandonment & Physical Pain?

Yes! You can!

What’s more, here’s a FREE look-see into a private session with a guy who demonstrated tapping with me so you can see how we did it. Yes, of course I have his permission to share it with you!

Just right-click on the cover image to the left to download the pdf ebook. As you read through it, tap along with us – just for fun.

If you are unfamiliar with tapping, you might want to get one of the Grab Bags, or to the ebooks that help you learn as you tap.




Do you feel stuck?

And so far you haven’t been able to figure out how to get yourself free? Feeling stuck sucks! It hurts!

The work you do is important, and the longer you stay stuck, the less of it you do and the fewer people will benefit from it.

So please – allow me to help you get yourself unstuck now.I’ll show you the three most important questions you can ask yourself any time you get unstuck, any one of which can get you moving forward again.

And I’ll show you why you get stuck and what to do about it each and every time, so you really never have to get or feel stuck ever again.

So, if you:

  •  have felt or feel stuck right now
  •  don’t know what to do about it
  •  have this awful sneaky voice in your mind that says you have no value
  •  are wondering if you are charging the ‘right’ fees
  •  are wondering where to find clients
  •  are wondering what your niche is
  •  are not quite happy with your website
  •  can’t seem to get to the next level…
  •  just plain feel stuck stuck stuck and can’t move out of it…

…Please! Let me help you get through this feeling-stuck glitch.

Because that’s all it is – a glitch! And glitches can be tweaked!
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As you may know, I am re-journeying into my art world after a 10-year hiatus. It’s taken some pretty massive tapping, because I’m bumping into all the old beliefs and ideas that limited me before.

The HUGE difference being that now I know what to do when I’m assailed by doubt and fear, and I can take immediate action to change my reality.

This is a VERY big deal for me, because I used to cry myself to sleep every single night – for years – feeling helpless, alone, desperate and dead broke.

Recently I was introduced to a woman who is putting together a new gallery in my town. In the past, I’d have said hello and been friendly, but not said a whole heck of a lot about my work.

If you don’t know how to use tapping – or, EFT, the Emotional Freedom Techniques, I invite you to read my Basics EFT book (HERE).

I had this belief that “my work speaks for itself, why should I say anything about it? Anyone who doesn’t get it doesn’t deserve to hear it from me!”

Whew – talk about a negative, arrogant attitude! This time, though, Continue reading