You Are Amazing! Thank You So Much!



I can hardly believe the fabulous results that have come in from my request for your survey answers about “I Hate Selling!” I thank you so, so much for your wonderful participation!

There is actually so much good material there that I bet If I created a class for every sentence people entered I’d be teaching non-stop for the next 3 years!!!


Thank you, especially, to you for whom speaking the truth as to how you feel is difficult. I know how saying it like it is can be very scary for you if you’re not used to having a judgement-free listener.

So I really appreciate how vulnerable you were in your answers. Thank you for trusting me with your very precious insider thoughts.


I want to reassure you that your names and email addresses are not going to be either mentioned anywhere or shared! All is confidential – as a matter of fact, your names and email addresses are automatically obscured by the survey system – I never see them.


I WILL be using the sentences you entered in both website articles and in teleclasses in order to help both you and others who feel the same as you do.

It always kind of amuses me that people want to keep their fears hidden, thinking they might be recognized and criticized or thought less of somehow.

Let me tell you right now – as far as I have seen in the almost 20 years I’ve been coaching, there are so many people who have the same fears, it would be impossible to identify anyone by the fear they held! Take a breath and relax!


Get ready to release those fears about selling and marketing! I’m going to help you do that – because I want you to have a brand new year of brand new wonderful experiences that will be completely different from any year you’ve ever gone through before. Yeah!


If you completed the survey and couldn’t get the link to to the Free Goody to work, please contact me and I’ll help you get it.

There were a couple of people who tried to get it on their iPads or other devices and couldn’t get to the link somehow – I suggest you access it with your computer.

Thank you again – and stay tuned for the first of the “No More I Hate Marketing” Teleclasses! I want you to be able to sell and market your fabulous work with ease, honesty and grace – and you will, soon.

How to Let Go of Fear of Death and Dying

Roberta Grimes: Messages from the Afterlife

I used to cry myself to sleep when I was in my late teens and 20s. I thought dying was The End, that I would be annihilated upon the death of my body.

I had no religious or other background to refute that idea.

I thought heaven was a myth that was invented to get people to be ‘good’ in this life.

The Fun of Dying Author, Roberta Grimes, had a powerful experience of the Light when she was 8 years old. You’ll be interested to learn why she thought there was no god, and what her message from the Light was.

fun-dyingYou’ll be amazed at what she found out in her years of research about death, dying, the afterlife, contacting the dead, ‘rescuing’ dead people, and more.

Roberta discovered something that would have released me completely from my fears. Wish I’d had this then.

You’ll love this interview! Besides, we laughed a lot! LISTEN HERE!

Here are four resources she recommends:
Click HERE to read Life After Life by Raymond Moody
Click HERE to get the Seth books
Click HERE to get the Course of Miracles
Click HERE to get Roberta’s book, the Fun of Dying
CLICK HERE to get her next book, the Fun of Staying in Touch


Want to Raise Your Money Set-Point?

got-money-3hHow would you like to get together with me for a Raise Your Money Set Point Teleclass?

You’ll get to tap on what’s holding you back from making more money, getting paid what you’re worth, charging enough, and opening up to receiving.

I know, I know, you can tap on it yourself!  BUT -

  • Can you find your own blind spots?
  • Can you lead yourself through that painful memory or experience without losing your intention to tap, and without getting bogged down in the yuk feelings?
  • Can you really hold the space of healing and greatness for yourself, the person you really are, when that part of you that wants to stay safe is trying to keep you from feeling, doing, being or having a bigger life?

No. You can’t. Believe me, I’ve tried, myself! That’s where I come in, because I’m good at doing all those things for you, and more. (That’s why I, too, have a coach!)

Email me ASAP (or use the Contact button to the left) and let me know if you want a Raise Your Money Set Point Teleclass!
If more than ten people respond, I will do two, because I want less people on the call so you can all have a chance to have personal interaction.


Why Do I Ask You to Email Me?

the 5 Step Love Works Successful and Profitable New Client Sign Up SystemI want to hear from you!

I want to hear about what you want, what you need, and how you think I might be able to help you!

Listen, I’m not like those Big Internet Marketing Guys out there who are not accessible.

I’m available to you. I open and read and respond to your emails. I intentionally created my business so I could do that.

Yes, it gets overwhelming, but having you know that I’m a real person doing real things and helping you in a real way is more important to me than being hugely inaccessibly famous, or being a big rah-rah EFT star.

As long as I can, I will keep this policy. So when I say email me, I mean it!

NOTE: I am NOT asking you to email me your life story with all your problems – I do have time limits!

So when I ask for an email from you saying yea or nay to a class and maybe one sentence why you want it, that’s ALL I want to hear! OK? Thanks – I appreciate your understanding.

So. See the little contact button on the left side of this page? Use it! I want to hear about what you want, what you need, and how you think I might be able to help you!


How the Pleiadean Protocol Helped Me Eliminate Extreme Distress

Have you ever had a long spell of feeling really great, and then, completely out of the blue, one day you wake up almost in panic, or extreme distress?

That’s what happened to me last week, with a very deeply felt personal worry.

Even tapping only went so far to get me any relief. Just allowing the smallest thought about this problem made my heart beat like crazy and my chest feel like I had chains around it that were getting tighter and tighter.

My hands were dripping sweat, and I had this unshakable conviction that if I started crying, I would never stop, ever.

I felt Hulk-sized pile-driver pressure behind my eyes, giving me a massive headache. Massive.

After a full morning of this, I was beside myself, because it was so horrid I didn’t see how I could shift it, much less ride it out.

Yes, I was tapping, doing my usual “something-amazing-is-happening-right-now” conscious thinking – and yet – under it all was this hideous pain.

Yes, I’m an experienced tapper and perspective-shifter and creative reality-shifter.

Yes, even those of us who are, still get bowled over by life’s challenges! This is part of the shamanic process we all go through to let go of what isn’t working, and creating something new out of it.

Only the letting go part wasn’t happening for me.

I told my buddy Rebecca Marina Messenger about it, and she suggested I come to her class that she just happened to be teaching that afternoon.

Then she told me the name of it. Great name, I thought to myself…but…

Will it Work for Me?

I wasn’t sure it would, since the topic of the class wasn’t on what was specifically going on for me.

But I really trust Rebecca, so I attended anyway. And, sure enough,  within the first five minutes of the first process she took us through, I had the most powerful, most profound shift I’ve ever had. Ever.

Click the Continue Reading link below to find out more about this amazing audio of Rebecca’s class!

Continue reading

What Happens to You When Your Hypothalamus is “Shrouded”?

Is Your Hypothalamus Shrouded?

Fix Your Metabolism…Get Charged Up, Have Brilliant Ideas,Be Wonderful!

rebeccaThis Awesome Audio Program is by my good friend, Rebecca Marina Messenger, who is a channel for Divine Mother.

Here’s how it happened…like penicillin, most greatest discoveries occur by accident…Rebecca tells us what happened:

My good friend Sue and I are doing a cleansing food program together. Her fat-loss progress got stuck so I asked Divine Mother, “what can I do to help my friend move forward with her success?” (mine was slow but steady)

Divine Mother said, “Rebecca, you need to take the ‘shroud’ off her hypothalamus… and try it on yourself first.”

Now, I had no idea how to take a ‘shroud’ off anybody’s hypothalamus (or what the heck a ‘shroud’ could be composed of!).

Here’s what Divine Mother said…

“Rebecca, if your hypothalamus is shrouded, you aren’t going to feel like doing much of anything, you will not have enthusiasm, you will procrastinate…and you will feel sluggish.”

hypo-shroudedDo you have any of these signs?

  • Inability to release FAT from your body
  • Slow metabolism – leading to fat storage
  • Stuck or cloudy thinking - inability to focus
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Inability to reason, feeling helpless
  • No motivation – discouragement
  • Hideous procrastination

Bottom Line…the Hypothalamus governs metabolism. If yours is shrouded, it ain’t gonna work right!

Want to unshroud your hypothalamus? You can!

CLICK HERE to read more about this insidious condition, and to get Rebecca’s amazing solution for yourself!

4th of July Smack Down!

sm-fear-2At last year’s July 4th celebration, I was standing with some friends when someone lit one of those big long strings of little red firecrackers off right next to us. The guy next to me fell to his knees in utter panic, wide-eyed, glistening with sweat and pulled me down, too, as he fell.

It’s times like this that I’m so thankful to know how to help. Within 15 minutes of tapping with me – without his saying a word – he was on his feet, shaken but OK enough to be able to speak and do more tapping until he truly felt good.


I remember my dad doing the same thing on July 4th when we went to the beach to see the fireworks. My mother and I used to dread it because we knew what he’d do.

He’d be OK until the huge, no-lights boomy ones went off, and then he’d hit the ground, crashing onto his belly, taking anyone close enough to be within arm’s reach down with him. Shell shock, they used to call it. PTSD now.


So this year it happened again. I was at a friend’s whose neighbors like to build those doorway-sized archways that have the little red crackers strung in multiple strands from the bottom of one side across the top and down the other. Takes about 25 full minutes of incredibly loud po-po-pop-po-po-po-pop-popopopopopopopopopop-popping to be done with the darn thing.

“Sam” was across the lawn from me, but I saw him crash to his knees, ducking down and covering his ears and crying. I ran over and helped him up and into the house, where we did some quick work on his intense reaction. We had to neutralize not only his reaction, but his rage and shame that others saw him like that.

After only 20 minutes of very simple but very specific tapping, we were able to go outside and watch the very end of the popping. He had no reaction to it at all. I asked him if he could have done that before, and he said he’d have had to wait at least an hour for the initial shock to wear off, and then the shame and anger to subside.


There’s not one bit of shame in reacting like that. On the front lines of war, his body learned to react that quickly to get down and out of sight as a way of survival. It was serving him.

But now that he’s back home, the survival switch hasn’t turned back off, and loud sounds coming unexpectedly, or any number of other triggers, can make his body react to try to protect him. That switch needs to be turned off again! But how? Continue reading

New Ebook: YES – How to Get What You Want

I’m very pleased to be able to announce that my latest ebook is out!
It’s called YES: How to Get What You Want.

YES: front and back covers

In it, you will find delightful illustrations and simple questions and…

  • daily reminders of ways to think and be that will help you stay on track and keep an even mind…
  • a step by step process to getting out of the blues and into creating what you want
  • and the way that I use personally that helps me keep on track.

YES is instantly downloadable and printable.
81 pages, illustrated with original Angela Treat Lyon drawings.

I hope you enjoy reading and using this little book!

Click on the red button to get your copy for just $7.97!




YES, the bookWant the book in print?

Now you can get this book in print! Makes a great birthday, anniversary, friendship or special dinner date gift!  7″ x 7″, 60 pages, every page has original drawings by little ole moi!

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